13 March 2008


dear bella...you asked for random...it is my pleasure to serve it up to you (& anyone else reading today)~~ i did one of these before, but since i can be quite random on a moment's notice, it was not hard to do it again. 6 random things about me:

1. i pray the liturgy of the hours every day & have done so since june '05. at that time we had just returned from a month in italy & i could not get out of my funk. a few summers before i had purchased the liturgy of the hours prayer book & had attempted to integrate this into my life, but to no avail. that june afternoon, a thunderstorm was coming & i went out to enjoy the weather on our screen porch. for some reason i fetched my prayer book & just began while the storm raged around me~~ a perfect calm oasis. i was a bit confused as to the order & seasons as the book laid them out & so i had dinner shortly after with a friend who also happens to be a monk. he helped me considerably & also told me that doing this would change my life in ways i could not imagine. he was right.

2. i love italy (of course no one reading this would *ever* guess that...) i don't know why. i have loved italy my whole life, or at least for as long as i can recollect. i am not italian (to my knowledge) nor is D.

3. several bloggers have been inspiring me to work on my "bucket list" or 50 things to do before 50 list or whatever you want to call it... what i've discoverd about this project is that everything on my list involves travel. (D., i know you are not surprised!) 8.5 years & counting...i better get crackin'!

4. just because i am a nomad does not mean i do not appreciate my home base. if i'm not traveling, there is no place i would rather be than where we live now. D. & i both agree that it has surpassed all the dreams we ever had.

5. Little Man (the other resident nomad at casa piacere) & i regularly drool over motor homes...we dream of traveling all over the states in one. we have been know to approach strangers in parking lots to discuss the merits of their motor homes. my dream motor home is completely self-contained AND four wheel drive! i have actually seen 2 of these great beasts.

6. i have family still living in tasmania. my birth mom J. traveled as a little girl to the US~ her mom is australian & her dad, american. J. gave me an extensive family tree traced to the 1500's to copy & i was overjoyed to finally get a feel for my roots~~ they extend from the US to tasmania to the UK & finally france. of course, all these places are on my "go to" list!

& now it is my pleasure to tag some of you! randomness is fun & i can't wait to read your lists...K-bug, claudia, leslie, jannis, & wicked (though *she* is on vacation, so the rest of us slugs will just have to wait ;-) if anyone else reading this feels the urge to be random, please drop me a comment so that i may enjoy your list!


SabineM said...

great list! i have also been drooling over motor homes, though I am not sure I can EVER convince my husband!

the mother of this lot said...

I have been praying the morning and night prayers from The Office throughout Lent. I think I will keep it up - I don't know if I could manage the full thing though!

The Fixer has made you an award - please come and collect it!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Great random list; we are both lucky to have a fabulous home base and yet the yearning to travel, aren't we? Can't wait till you're in Italy so we can finally meet (even though, oddly enough, your husband already knows my mom)!

Wicked H said...

Tagged!!! Good timing on your part. Can you believe I did comply?

Loved your list, very insightful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bella,
Hope you get to do all fifty of the thing on your list before you turn fifty, but if you don't there will still be time. When one knows what they want, only then can it materialize!

You are fortunate to know so much about your your birth mother and your family tree! That must have been an amazing gift to receive!

have a happy weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Italy lover.

We are leaving in the wee hours of Monday morning.....to Italy and Roma :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved the post about your birth mom J.
You are lucky to have had your wonderful parents & then to have discovered J.
Hope you get each and every thing on your list done.
Waving at you from New York,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful...thank you:) I too would love a motor home one day and dream of just 'taking off' and driving across the US. (only for a few months, of course!) I'm determined to do it too.
Lovely part about your birth mother and your family...and I love Italy too. Each time I go, I love it even more. :)
Thank you for playing along, I'm so glad you did!