28 April 2009

memo to Baby Girl...

...on the occasion of the end of your junior year of college...someone misses you...terribly...staring out the window most of the day...the elusive L. is ready for you to finish those final exams...& come home!!! in bocca al lupo!
your momma (& the hound)

26 April 2009

another word...

**updated**...& yet another word...cure! please follow this link for an explanation & then keep going on the links to steven's video (also in my sidebar under 'light a candle')...please visit often between now & 30 april.
following on the heals of last week's "one word" prompt at one single impression is "word" offered by jeeves of silence is poetic (love the name of her blog!!). i find the other word that is often foremost in my mind right along with "gratitude" is "love." i am surrounded by it...whether it be God's love expressed in more ways than i can imagine (He is so wooing me with His delightful spring right now)...or the love of my precious family~~ & these are just the tip of my iceberg of love!!love
woven in the words
traveling miles
or inches
enveloped actions
catching my heartstrings
speaking to the center
of life's delight
bidden or not
love is here
speaking love on this fine spring day here in NC...2 guys very dear to my heart just went out to sea...calm waters & the hope of fish bites for them...the hope of some kind of tasty fresh-catch seafood dinner for me! (actually, for all of us!)...no pressure, guys!i am keeping watch on the deck with a fresh cup of coffee, enjoying the still, salty air & joyful birdsong. the hounds have found a sunbeam for snoozing.life is indeed good!

24 April 2009

beach glass

walking along the sand
bag in my hand
with thoughts to clean
my storm-pounded beach
as best i can.
i started my walk
wind in my hair
sun on my back
eyes drawn to pieces of this and that,bottles and cans purged from the sea
i would retrieve
as i walked along my soul was quieted
lulled by the rhyming waves
my worries took flight in the wind
i began to see beyond
that which did not belong
drawn to the intricacies of shell
colors of water and sand
cockeyed looks of seabirds standing by
and the majestic pelican's graceful glide
with him i felt my spirit fly.
i still gathered the sea's
unwanted debris
but my mind had shifted in thought
to the acres of diamonds
right under my feet.

21 April 2009


must. write. paper...but i keep reading blogs, reading facebook updates, answering email, looking outside the window...

ah, yes!~~ glorious spring!! a warm breeze carrying the scent of blossoms through the open window. i think i'll turn off the computer & take a walk...

19 April 2009

one word

after an exceptionally busy week, early this morning i finally had a free moment to click over to one single impression to check the poetry prompt. one word...hmmmmm. i don't do "one" word very well (just ask D. or the soul sisters!!!); i'm more like a "whole story" kinda gal. heck, i even talk in my sleep, sometimes in italian according to D. but one word?? that word must be a very important word, not just a run-of-the-mill, everyday type word...it must be a truly inspired word. honestly, choosing just one is like asking me for a preference on my last meal when i just want to eat my way around the world (or at the very least around the **gelato** world!)...i decided to sit with this prompt through the day to see what might unfold in the course of events.on the drive into the city my thoughts rolled around between choosing a word & the week in passing. i spent an afternoon on the phone with one of my very dearest friends who has just lost her momma, bumping around that strange & sticky world of fresh grief.

i spent another day with melissa packing a garageful of clothing to be shipped for her ministry in romania...which led me to near-panic on the drive home that evening~~ we are bound for europe in just 6 short weeks for a journey that lasts 6 weeks & i had not really organized all the notes & emails for that time, nor had i made a good working "to do" list. (yes, that list is now made & the info packet for the entire journey is printed & organized!)

while i was printing all the lodging confirmations from my email's inbox my italian instructor sent me the 2nd email in as many days, this one with an element of concern ("are you alright?? i have not heard from you this week!") . this prompted a side-tracked response with more verb errors that i care to admit, all the while upping my general panic level another notch (yellow to orange, perhaps?!?!)...must. study. conjugations!!...classes start in 7 weeks!at this point on the drive i found myself taking a deep breath, & then refocusing what we were doing today. we were heading to brunch to see an old friend who was playing a gig. no ordinary guy...an amazing flamenco guitarist who is whupping cancer's backside right now!! it was so good to see paco again. he's looking a bit under the weather but his music is as strong as ever.

aaaahhhhh...time together with D. & my boys, a good meal, the best music, a stroll to the river afterwards on this fine carolina spring day...the thought of "one word" came rushing back to me on the drive home. i must admit that the first word that came to mind was "nap"! (i'm a huge fan of restful sundays.)but as my thoughts threaded together, the ever-present whisper was "gratitude." i'm so grateful...

136. for a dear friend like L. & for her momma who brought her into this world, for a chance to be there for her at this hard time...

137. grateful for melissa & her work, for the example she is to my children...

138. grateful for the awesome privilege of travel & all that affords, for the privilege of being able to join melissa if only for a short while...

139. grateful for the opportunity to study the language of my heart in its native country, for my italian instructor, a true peach of a woman with the patience of a saint & a true gift for teaching...

140. & speaking of gifts~~ grateful for paco & his music...

141. grateful for the privilege of holding these wonderful folks in prayer in these difficult days, days of adjustments large & small...

142. grateful for friends far & near...

143. grateful for precious, quiet moments with my family doing very ordinary things like relishing the taste of food, the sound of chords blended to perfection, the scents of spring air...

144. & grateful for a bit of gelato & a 20 minute nap on a lazy sunday afternoon.in the fourth watch of the night
i wake
while quiet stars linger
around last quarter moon,
undiluted recollections
rush in to fill the vacuum left
by easy sleep;
as they parade
before my internal eyes
i'm taken with the question
'is this really unexpected
in the lot that belongs to man?'
the things that i deem good
or otherwise...
so i take them all for what they're worth
wrapping them in soul's quilted embrace
of gentle gratitude.please visit one single impression for more wonderful poetry...thank you Jess from Wayfaring Wanderer for the prompt "one word."

12 April 2009

lenten fast to easter feast...rejoice!!

a very blessed Easter ~ buona Pasqua ~ to all!i very much look forward to visiting blogs i dearly love again now that my internet fast is complete. i have truly missed the beauty of your words, dear friends!this week's prompt for one single impression is offered by sue of sunflower roots...

living water

on high
a pierced cloud
rain coming down
to water the earth
not returning void
but gracing mountainside
rivulets of clarity
pouring forth
filling wells
quenching thirst
for all times
leading to the sea
tidal ebb & flo
washing the whole world
with life

05 April 2009

spring cleaning

yes, even the blogs! as my lenten internet fast & a favorite springtime activity of reorganizing/streamlining have progressed, i realized that with my blogging, less really is enough.for now, write away & snap366 will be snoozing while poetic elements & photographs will be found here, randomly interspersed. (phil did beg - pun intended! - to keep dog blog up & running though. i can't say "no" to that face...could you?!?!) since the end of 2008's daily photos, i must admit my camera sees less action. i do have mixed emotions about that, but i do continue to keep it close by for those amazing must-capture moments. as for writing, my classes have progressed to a level of reading/writing intensity that leaves very little spilling over in the way of creative stuff.one of my favorite weekly activities that i plan to continue is the poetry in response to one single impression. when possible, i will continue posting something in response to OSI's sunday prompts here. for 5 april, the prompt is 'listening' suggested by laurie @ april wine...a marvelous word, something i need to do more of.listening
one of momma's favorite words
often followed by some advice i did not want
& sometimes, did not heed
i often wondered what you meant when you offered that word
& said nothing more
i did not worry about your intent
because days seemed numbered infinite
but when you lay dying my ears opened more each day
& suddenly i could not hear enough
of what you had to say
& then came the day
you would say no more
to me with words like as before
& still your command echoed in my head
even as you had passed that word came on the wind
it's letters spelled in the ringing angelus bells
at sunset