26 May 2009

here & there

first...my heart is with dear karen in this difficult time. if you have a moment, drop by this lovely lady's blog & give her a kind word & a cyber hug.
Requiem eternam
Requiem eternam dona eis
Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis
Requiescant in pace
Amensecond...annie, you read my mind in the 24 may post! your comments echo my thoughts exactly. i didn't even write a poem for one single impression though i thought the photos conveyed the sentiments adequately. if you would like a whirlwind poetic adventure, please visit OSI where the prompt this week is 'dropped'.finally...a hint as to why all the blog-laziness...in just 48 hours we will be winging our way to this glorious place! i will no doubt breathe a huge sigh of relief as all the busy-ness of daily life & how one might condense 2 months worth of chores into 1 settles into a restful week with the family followed by 2 weeks of italian lessions & finally a grand adventure with melissa! stay tuned for travel updates!!

19 May 2009


lately it seems as though i've been doing everything but blogging. we've gone from wrapping up the school year ~ mine with all the papers finally turned in & the boys with all exams skillfully taken ~ to another round of home chores that involve my nemesis (construction) & blessed time working with our negected yard...that's a pretty fair balance...any aggravation left over from dealing with hammering & contractors' crazies is easily remedied with getting my hands dirty in the soil in anticipation of summer blooms to delight the eye & fresh herbs for the palate...i tend to lose myself in the scent of the earth that mingles on a sea breeze with magnolia...my thoughts happily drifting everywhere & nowhere, wandering the backroads of my memory & meandering with hope into the coming weeks' plans...the reward at the end of the day~~ a hot shower for those tired muscles i forgot existed & a glass of wine on the dock at sunset. sleep tonight will be a welcome embrace...

11 May 2009


in the beginning of may D. & i celebrated our anniversary with a perfect get-a-way to a nearby island...a place accessible only by ferry with a wind-swept wildness to it that both enticed me & unnerved me...my dreamer self kept saying "you would love to live here" & my practical self (the one that keeps tabs on home maintenance & pays bills) kept saying "no you wouldn't!"...no matter, that didn't stop me from leaving my actual stress & worry behind as the mainland faded out of sight...my cares floated away...into the wake of the boat, looking light a trail of rose petals until all that was left was the moment...on the island we settled into the rhythm of the tides...hiking, climbing, snoozing, floating...around every corner was something to refresh...& just how was i so certain that this was the perfect get-a-way?? at the end of the journey i was just as excited to return home!

03 May 2009

touch of love

our roses are in a fit of profuse bloom right now & i cannot resist keeping a few clipped & scattered about in bud vases indoors. one of my favorite spots for a bloom is on the windowsill of our kitchen sink. last week i was washing dishes, lost in thought, when a breeze carried the scent to me...memories of my daddy immediately filled my mind. he used to raise the very same variety that was blooming right in front of me. when i checked one single impression's prompt for this week's poetry, i was again lost in that moment. our senses can really stir so many memories in unexpected & quite beautiful ways! thank you to whomever suggested this prompt.

touch of love {tactile}

a breeze slipped
through the window screen
carrying a bit of you
& so i leaned into breathe
something of my childhood
rose petal against my cheek
softer than
a tear