28 February 2009

march forward...

did you ever hear the old wives' tale about the month of march..."in like a lion, out like a lamb...in like a lamb, out like a lion?" i'm not sure about how much truth it contains, but i'm hoping it's correct this year. we are awaiting plummeting temperatures & *another* forecast of snow. but unfortunately our "weatherman" is out for the count. Little Man is in a feverish state. His big sister, home from college, has taken up a place on the other couch, also ill. (how grateful she is to be home rather than in a cold dorm room!) i'd say this qualifies for "in like a lion" at casa piacere!

24 February 2009

one more thought, or two...

if you observe lent, this post is most helpful. (thank you, minor friar!)

& please hold this dear blogger in your heart in her time of sorrow...

Requiem Æternam
Réquiem ætérnam dona eis,
Dómine,et lux perpétua lúceat eis.
Requiéscant in pace.

22 February 2009

will i ever blog again??

i am beginning to wonder...i am swimming in a sea of technology & reading & writing & keeping boyworld in line. in the middle of it all, i think about my blog but never at a moment when i might actually attend to it. i have spent countless hours spring cleaning over the last few weeks (even the attic!) & occasionally my thoughts have swirled with prayers (especially for philip, fr. reggie & our friend D.) & also with words to blog.the prayers continue heavenward, but the blog words are swept away in the dustpan. i've actually been feeling more word-quiet lately. less of my own thoughts...more paying attention to life without a need to dialogue with it. really, just many moments of simply being in the moment. last night i woke before the 4th watch with a poem dangling at the edge of my sleep, words that were accessible to me & so i wrote them down. (my poetry is here.) i fell immediately back to sleep...a deep, intensely satisfying sleep that is a joy from which to wake.my other focus in recent days is the beginning of lent this wednesday. in last year's post i noted the sacrifice of going without & the sacrifice of doing. i need both. in reflecting upon what keeps me from a life of holiness, i am being led to my "going without"...in those things that lead me to a life of holiness, i find my sacrifice of doing. my biggest temptation right now is the internet~blogging, facebook, reading a myriad others' writings. (believe me, that was brought to the surface during last weekend's retreat!) the "going without" part of my sacrifice is screamingly apparent!...& for that prompting i will take last year's Holy Week break plus no internet activity until after 5pm each day for the duration of lent. as for the "sacrifice of doing"...the boys & i are pooling our efforts (& those of our generous parish) to help melissa's efforts in romania. i am also reading this. & praying for the grace to continually ask myself: "is this what love looks like?"

17 February 2009

because my mind is working in short bursts...

~~why so quiet here? one word: facebook. for those who don't know, think 25 years of catching up with 30 or so people. 'nuff said.

~~also spent last weekend on retreat at mepkin abbey. no phones, TV's, computers...not a great cell signal. pure bliss for my over-active mind.

~~thanks for the language advice regarding last week's post. this week boyworld has adopted a new technique for dodging italian responses to my italian questions...responding in english that is heavily encased in a scottish brogue! (maybe the possum *should* be in control!)~~speaking of small animals...that prognosticator known as punxsutawny phil was wrong! spring is on its way. my daffodils said so! (all you yanks up north, take heart...it's coming!)~~prayers answered (thank you so much!)...fr. reggie is slowly healing. he has a long road to travel but he has also come a very long way!!

13 February 2009


...in a sea of busy-ness, riding the wave on my crazy board!!& hoping to wash up on the shore of the blogworld next week with some words & photos & visits to y'all...

05 February 2009

it's hard to keep a straight face when...

...a certain student (i'm not naming names) translates this~~

"Si, posso incontarLa oggi."

to this~~

"Yes, the possum is in control today."

(for those nodding in confused agreement, the less interesting yet correct translation is "Yes, I am able to meet you today." looks like we need a bit of a vocabulary review tomorrow!)

03 February 2009

the details...

...are what make the day. i've been swimming in them, organizing life for 2009 throughout january. i must admit it felt good to turn the calendar page to a new month. now i feel firmly entrenched in the new year with some solid footing of details that have been cared for. yesterday was the feast of candlemas~ 40 days after christmas, the traditional conclusion of the feast of epiphany, & the midpoint of winter in the northern hemisphere. we pack away our nativity on that day & begin to look forward to spring's approach (honestly, i'm always looking for spring's approach, but knowing we are at winter's midpoint makes that thought a little more real :-) another tradition on this feast is the blessing of candles. sadly that is not something we find in this area, but i do remember to light candles on this feast.speaking of candles, if you are so inclined...i am begging some prayers (maybe a candle or two also!) for some friends in need.a very good friend of ours just had exploratory surgery & they found her very rare type of cancer has recurred. they immediately began her treatment. she is a wonderful wife & mom to 3, a loving daughter & friend to all. her heart is huge...please keep this special lady, her husband & her 3 children in your prayers! across the blogosphere there are several others who need prayers too...jp wrote about father reggie here.
philip also requests prayers...for his healing & for his pilgrimage.
& finally...a local musician whom we adore is in treatment for cancer too. (i will keep the links for all these wonderful folks in my sidebar under "light a candle.")after all these requests & the accompanying thoughts about the burdens these wonderful folks bear, it is with great joy i also share some good news...last fall renae posted this & over last weekend, she shared this heartwarming update! renae, i am pulling for your daddy everyday oh, yes, & a very happy birthday to you!!

01 February 2009

shakespeare made interesting...

boyworld is up to its neck in thee's & thou's, currently reading Richard III & Antony & Cleopatra. they tell me they've had it with all the saucy prating & so i have found something to spice up the literature lessons a bit...mr. coffee klatch (aka scott) offers a plethora of shakespearan insults guaranteed to keep boyworld light of heart in trying literary times. get thee to scott's site for some fresh humor...