28 July 2009

snapshots on the journey1...

one of the fruits of blogging is meeting the loveliest of people.if home is where the heart is, sally, you need to keep a cot ready for me...i do believe i have left a piece of my heart in your le marche...nestled among its vines...perched atop its stones...flung into its fields...basking it the sun...thank you for a truly perfect week with just the right balance of friendship, song, caffe, & limoncello! hugs from across the pond...
le marche, italia, maggio/giugno 2009

26 July 2009

the fragrance of love

a soft sunday re-entry into blogging...first, thank you so much for your heart-felt words & prayers since the passing of my dear mother-in-law. in her passing she left a wake of love & faith...a hope of one day being together again which brings us great comfort.

i was glad today to remember one single impression & even more joyed by the prompt {fragrance}...thank you, geraldine for such a lovely one. my mind has been curiously wrapped up in sound lately. i have been contemplating my favorites~~ church bells, train whistles, bagpipes, chant. they will likely become another blogpost, but today it was not hard to make the leap from sound to scent. so many times an unsuspecting fragrance transports me to something with such a sudden rush...what a powerful sense, what a wonder. recently i was getting something from the top shelf of my closet & in the process my momma's blanket fell on me. i pulled it from its sack, burying my nose in it & breathing in the scent of my momma. it was beautifully overwhelming. i slept with the blanket that night.{fragrance}

nestled in my mind
seeded among the colors
of petunia & lilac
of climbing red roses,
the fragrance of love
pulls my heart
into a memory
of your perfume
of a moment snuggled in the pew
waiting for the incense
to tickle my nose
waiting to feel
once again at Home.gratitude for...
145. this powerful & glorious sense
146.for the love of family & friends that weaves together a quilt of comfort
147. for journeys completed in joy & safety
148. for my faith which sustains meplease visit OSI for more lovely poetry

15 July 2009

with love...

you were the most wonderful mother-in-law a girl could want. you will be so sorely missed.requiem eternam
requeim eternam dona eis
Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis
requiescant in pace amen.please remember Patricia & her family in your prayers. her funeral Mass is on 16 july, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.for now i'm taking a bit of a break from blogging. a very special thank you to my prayer warriors in the Eternal City... with love until next time, QdiB

07 July 2009

i hope i remember how to do this...

...blog, that is! it's been awhile & there is so much to share, but for today it is enough to say how glad i am to be home spending a quiet afternoon alone chopping shallots for the french potato salad that will be a side for tonight's dinner, listening to ann savoy on the iPod, reminiscing about so many adventures last month, & looking forward tonight to sleeping on freshly laundered sheets that are drying right now in the delicious sea breeze. all is well & i pray the same for you...