17 February 2009

because my mind is working in short bursts...

~~why so quiet here? one word: facebook. for those who don't know, think 25 years of catching up with 30 or so people. 'nuff said.

~~also spent last weekend on retreat at mepkin abbey. no phones, TV's, computers...not a great cell signal. pure bliss for my over-active mind.

~~thanks for the language advice regarding last week's post. this week boyworld has adopted a new technique for dodging italian responses to my italian questions...responding in english that is heavily encased in a scottish brogue! (maybe the possum *should* be in control!)~~speaking of small animals...that prognosticator known as punxsutawny phil was wrong! spring is on its way. my daffodils said so! (all you yanks up north, take heart...it's coming!)~~prayers answered (thank you so much!)...fr. reggie is slowly healing. he has a long road to travel but he has also come a very long way!!


Annie Jeffries said...

Cute possums but I know it is smart to keep your distance. They can be very aggressive. Were these at the retreat center or at home?

Karen Cole said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I truly appreciate your visits.

Facebook?.........oh, my. If I only had time.

rochambeau said...

Dear Qualcosa,
Really glad to hear about Father Reggie!!
Also, that you could have an experience in the Mepkin Abbey without technology!!

Daffodils are blooming here too!!
Happy Spring almost!

Anonymous said...

Very glad to find your blog. The Abbey sounds like a wonderful respite ... just the sort of thing I can not live without.

Dory said...

Oh my.... My dog Lillie would LOVE those possums. She has a thing for them, you know. :o)

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

i trust your retreat was blessed and fulfilling...glad father reggie is healing...and facebook, me too...blessings and hugs

SabineM said...

Great shots! WOW!

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to retreat at the Nada Hermitage in Crestone Colorado. Have you been there?

Just set myself up over at facebook but haven't spent ANY time there for I fear it is a deep black hole I may never dig out of !!!!!!!!! HA !

qualcosa di bello said...

annie...these cute fellas are on our back deck! they like to eat seed from the bird feeder & nap in my pansies!

karen...FB is trouble with a capital T!!!

constance...look for fr. reggie's sites on facebook...he is one incredible guy & i'm so grateful he is mending.

becca...since my first visit to the place, i have felt that too.

dory...please give ms. lillie an ear scratch from me!

rebecca...it was all that...i've been so refreshed since.

sabine...thank you!

paula...go to the hermitage, skip FB ;-) actually i've never been to the one you mention.