06 January 2009

but, seriously...

now that we are home & settled (?...not quite sure about the "settled" part, but i do have a list to accomplish "settled"!!), it is time to ease into the reality of a fresh, new year~~ a clean slate of calendar days...

my last post, the end of year meme, was lighthearted & fun to do, but the end of a year always leads me to something deeper & more reflective...lessons learned & gratitude savored. where have i been, where am i going, am i counting it all joy??

2008 taught me some important lessons...

*i've learned to trust deeply in prayer everyday
*i need much more time in solitude than ever before
*when someone asks for prayer, there is a deep joy in holding that person's intention in prayer
*i used to say "yes" when someone asked for prayers...& then i would forget the request until i saw that person again or give the request cursory time (feeling bad when the memory resurfaced)
*now my "yes" is a solid committment & in this, my cup overfloweth every single day...love really does grow out of this effort
*things usually unfold in baby steps, often after long periods of God's answer being "wait"
*but occasionally there is a big sign!!
*i have always trusted God with the "big"things, but i have had trouble believing He cares about my small stuff
*my conscious efforts to let Him handle the small things this year has yielded BIG, magnificent results!! (& He very much cares about the small stuff!!)
*serendipity is usually better than the best laid plans~ especially in travel
*distance can be hard but we are still close...in spite of oceans & continents in between
*we are more alike than we are different
*everyone holds something deep inside that is painful
*love is always the answer
my deepest gratitude for...
118. answers to long-prayed prayers, especially a recent biggie that has been in the "wait" mode since the mid-90's (& for God's patience with me when i was not so very patient with His "wait")

119. ann's original post for 1000 gifts & her daily blog post reminders to live continuously in a state of gratitude

120. for the gifts of frequent travel in '08 that included...time with friends old & new, new insights into old ideas, new pathways of possibility, a firming up of my committment to simplicity in my life, an understanding of how to let go of what doesn't matter & how to keep what does matter, & keen insight into God's timing & plans for me!!

121. for the gift of beginning Advent & the new Liturgical year in such a profoundly spiritual manner & place...a dream long held, fulfilled.

122. & for the gift of beginning 2009 with family & dear friends!!
a resolution or two for '09...

to continue the 1000 gifts on the blog & to keep gratitude as my first waking thought

to give '09 some careful consideration in the quiet days ahead (this week boyworld still on partial school break) & see what needs my mindfulness...

until the next time...felice anno nuovo a tutti!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you and yours and I look forward to reading more inspirational posts from you and seeing those gorgeous photos :)

Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Deb - I wanted to let you know that I've stopped blogging publicly for a while. I started a private blog where I can talk to myself about the things that are most on my mind. It's also a sort of moment to moment diary. Some of it I may go back and pick up to share publicly but for now I'm feeling very withdrawn. I will continue to follow and comment but I wanted to give you a heads-up. I'm not in a bad place; nothing bad going on. Just need to remove myself for a time.

Clode said...

-distance can be hard but we are still close...in spite of oceans & continents in between
-love is always the answer

I love these 2 buon 2009 anche a te!

John Paul Sonnen said...

Cara, a beautiful post!

And a hearty GRAZIE MILLE for the nice card and gift!!

My dad read me the card yesterday and it was a beautiful "pensiero" and I thank you and your sweet family!

This was the first real Christmas gift I have received in five years (although on Christmas Eve this guy from Turkey did give me a gift of Turkish candies). :-)

Rain in Rome today; snow in the north.

Tanti saluti da Roma!

qualcosa di bello said...

maryann...i've been on photo hiatus lately, haven't i!?! i hope you like the new post's pics...

annie...it's good for the soul!! see you by the by...

clode...that sentiment makes it easier to live on one continent with a piece of one's heart on the other.

jp...prego!!! what can i say...i really wanted to send a wetsuit...:D

Claudia said...

Sorry, "clode" was just me! I didn't log out my other account!

Dory said...

What a learning year you had. Wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

I'm catching up here with you... oh, how I loved your list. I think we are learning some of the same things, and I hope and pray we will only grow deeper in them in 2009.