29 August 2008

summer's safety net

i was beginning to feel as though i was living out of my beloved backpack since april. it never was relegated to its usual place in my closet all through the days from april until now...& it's still not back in its "place" because, you guessed it, there is more travel on the horizon. now for someone with a serious case of wanderlust like me, this is very nearly a dream year.no complaints, no sir!! but i do embrace the idea of down time...& this has been a year of very little of that! the times in between the flights & drives have been completely loaded with school (for the boys in the spring & again now, for me all the way through it), all that catch-up laundry, scurrying to vet appointments for vaccination updates (because you can't board your hound without 'em), & all the usual suspects around the house to keep things up & running. (no, the bills did not pay themselves while i was away!) if that's not crazy enough, some of the travel was unplanned & when the opportunity arose, squeezing in the unplanned travel necessitated maneuvering the already planned travel!i did not realize the serendipitous nature of this shuffling around in late may, but last weekend i sure did! Baby Girl & i had planned to take our yearly retreat together at mepkin abbey last monthbut the change to last weekend was just perfect - it was just when i needed it! it was a weekend of pure peace...no cell phones save a nightly call home, no TV, no iPod,...zip, zilch, nada in the way of exterior noise except the chant of the monks. under the graceful sway of spanish moss-laden live oaks, we renewed our minds, our perspectives...we readied ourselves for more life at full speed. the brothers who maintain this beautiful place & open their doors in hospitality to life's weary warriors have my undying gratitude.we re-entered the real world monday afternoon, dodging fay's crazy rainclouds...back to boyworld for me! & for Baby Girl...some serious travel on the horizon as she prepares for her semester abroad in costa rica!! through the fall we will carry our gifts of this respite...104. bright, clear skies after quenching summer rains...105. time to dream, uninterrupted...106. time to envision the future...107. & finally, a note of belonging...inscribed inside the Bible in our room was this message...the priest who signed this note was the same priest who married D. & i over 21 years ago, baptised our 2 sons 14 & 16 years ago, & presided at Baby Girl's First Holy Communion Mass 12 years ago~~ all these events occurring 4 states & 700 miles away from mepkin abbey!! i took the photo of the signature because i could not believe what i was seeing.i compared it his signature to our marriage certificate at home & there is no doubt it is his signature! in the years we lived in his parish i never once heard him mention mepkin abbey, nor did i know of the place at that time in my life. coincidence? i think not...& so i'll cherish that message as a gentle reminder.


Karen Cole said...

Everything looks beautiful here....missy (spent some time with spf, as you know :-)

Your photos , as I scroll down, are just magical.

Somehow blogstock will have to somehow expand, so that I can truly meet everyone that inspires me, including you.

Claudia said...

I always love your photos!

erin said...

the photo of the moss (under #105) is absolutely wonderful. sounds like a tranquil and relaxing time.

Leslie said...

Such fantastic photos and a wonderful story. I'm glad that you have had such a travel-full summer! I love your backpack!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonder - full. You inspire me...

rochambeau said...

Especially like the shot of you in the portico, or is it your daughter??

People were saying nice things behind your back. Just thought you should know. Also, I read the book God Calling that you gave SPF for 20 years before passing it on. Did she tell you???


Paula In Pinetop said...

*sigh* no need for words

somepinkflowers said...

why oh why
am i NOT surprised
that you should find
such a message written
by someone important in your life?



i know how things come and go, around you,
around me...

we are both open
to only the best
of signs.

i shared with constance the book you gave me
and she just nodded and smiled
with remembrance
of reading it herself,
for 20 years...

as karen said
you were lovingly discussed--
as your bright heart
is too shining to not be mentioned--
last week~end
at our BlogStock....

more later

i know the wonder weather*boy
is all over these storms
prayers are coming from all over
to here and to there
that we coastal*living
are spared...

hunker down
and light some candles, missy...

qualcosa di bello said...

karen...a little pink rubbed off on you, huh??? well, i say that's a very good thing! your kind inclusion makes me blush!! & the feeling is mutual!! i'll let you know when we return to PA (soon, actually!)

claudia...thank you, cara!

erin...i love that stuff too. & if you add that certain slant of light, it is just magical!

leslie...i love, love, love my backpack too!

jennifer...i was just thinking the same thing about your posts!! i loved our coincidental music flashbacks!!

constance...that is my Baby Girl in the portico. i could not resist! & now i know why my ears were buzzing in all the quiet at mepkin abbey!!! (did spf tell you how much i enjoy hanging out of sun roofs??) & the God Calling serendipity...that book is just something else. you read it for 20 years...wow!!

paula...you're right! that place is one big sigh of contentment!

spf...oh, i **know** you are feeling the prospect of our dear girl, hanna! the candles stand ready & not-so-little man is on hyper-watch! we'll blog as we can & for now,,,thanks for the prayers & know they go your direction too!!