21 August 2008

love n' music...

before i share a bit of D.'s weekend surprise, i wanted to update you on josiah. he is hanging in there with some small but positive steps. his journey from here will be a long & arduous one, so thank you all so much for your prayer-answers to my friday shout-out. & please keep them coming...
& now from last weekend, D.'s big surprise...anyone who knows me from back in the day, knows that i wasn't then & am still not a hard-rockin' kinda gal (though i did have my fair share of styx 45's & an actual def leppard album- yes, vinyl!). my music tastes tend toward this & this & this, plus a whole lotta this with a little of this thrown in to shake things up!

now with D., things are a bit different. our 5 year age difference made all the difference with music, hence he has a very spiffy 8 track tape collection with a bit more of a rock sound than my vinyl & cassette cache. one of his all-time favorite bands is boston. it is the most-likely-to-be-found cd in his car's player. (70's music meets 21st century technology!) imagine my delight a few weeks ago when my terrific ticketmaster email update arrived, announcing a boston/styx concert just a short piece away from home!

in the name of love, i decided to bite the bullet & brave a (tame) rock concert...surprising D. with 2 tickets & a night away! it was truly a memorable weekend for both of us. after hotel check-in, i told D. i needed to fortify the night with a bit caffeine & a starbucks was conveniently located between the hotel & concert venue. D. knows well enough to indulge my caffeine addiction & this time he was quite glad he did! you would not believe who we met over coffee!...michael sweet, vocalist/guitarist for boston. he is just the nicest person you could imagine. would you believe i did not have my camera...it was off-limits for the concert & i left it behind :-(...

the concert itself was stupendous, even for a non-hard rocker like me. really, it was a mix of awesome music, a calm crowd, the beautiful carolina outdoors, & a full moon rising stage right. D. & i both agreed the best songs of the evening were come sail away & the encore performance of renegade (for those of you who read "45" above & wondered what that was...this is it!!!)

we enjoyed a great trip down memory lane (my middle school & D.'s high school years were peppered with this stuff). happy love thursday y'all!!


Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Deb - Thank you for the update on Josiah. It is good to read that he is still in there fighting the good fight.

I also wanted to let you know that I'm taking a short break from blogging. I have lots of creative stuff going on so for the moment it's "blogging without obligation" time.


somepinkflowers said...

great music links,


{{ you are so well~grounded
in your music taste!
did i mean well~rounded?
well, no,
as you left out
MY Generation's stuff
that is to be expected,
youngster that you are... }}

tell your man--->
Boston was to play here tonight
but FAY messed that up,

i wonder if your little man
is out in it
already today
doing his weather*man high*wind training...

Shan said...

Oh Mike would have loved that!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing - some friends invited us to an 80's concert this Friday night and we're going (if it doesn't rain). I am not a hard-rocking gal, either, but I think a bit of 80's bubblegum ought to be good entertaiment for us for a Friday evening. I can't help but wonder what my teen self would have thought about getting to go to this concert back then... ;)

No hotel for us, though. That sounds like it would be fun. Glad to hear you had a good time.

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful blog!
greetings for New York

qualcosa di bello said...

annie...& thank you for your prayers...

spf...i'm sorry i missed "your" music in the list. actually i like so many different kinds that i'm sure it includes your stuff too! not so little man is on a role with the weather...stay tuned!

shan...it's a guy thing!

jennifer...i so enjoyed your 80's concert post!!

elizabeth...thanks for visiting. blogstock looked like such fun!