20 March 2009

this 'n that

spring & winter are currently battling it out in our area for domination (i hope spring wins...very soon!!). i take great comfort in today's equinox & the sun's return to my hemisphere (sorry, brad...you can have it back in 6 months!). this past week we have had high temperatures that are as unpredictable as a teenager's moods (sorry, boys!)...one day the high is 50F/10C, the next day it is 75F/24C.
when you get a text message at 10:30am on a thursday from your surfer-friend that reads "surf city pier in 30 minutes" if you can, you go...we could & we did!! & then we came home totally rejuvenated. best PE class evah!!internet fasting (as in no internet before 5pm during lent)...yeah, i've taken it in the solar plexus with this one. i have fallen into the cycle of using an entire pack of post-it notes each day to scribble all the online things i must accomplish after 5pm. then i find that at 5pm i am either running errands or preparing dinner, so the internet actual access is later. then i am tired. i can't read the day's post-it notes. & i start to fall asleep in front of my keyboard, telling myself i will take care of stuff tomorrow. all in all it has been a serious reorientation of time management coupled with an improvement in prioritizing. at lent's half way point i can honestly tell you that i miss the computer time more than i miss the chocolate!...but i will gladly enjoy both in due time :-)serendipity
mid week we were on our 5th or so day of constant cloud cover & it was one of the days that winter had an edge over spring for sure. at dusk it was windy but the rain had stopped & in my cabin fevered state, i grabbed my coat & headed out for a walk. as i rounded the bend of our street, through a clearing in the trees i could see the most incredible line of pink-orange sunset just along the horizon. the rest of the world retained its rainy-day grey, but against this, that sunset, no matter how tiny, was just amazing! & so worth bundling up & being cold.tonight
after a week of unbelievable busy-ness, i am posting this & then heading off to cuddle with D. & watch an italian flick. summer language classes are creeping up on me rather quickly & it is time to get back into my foreign film-watching groove...buon week-end a tutti!!!!


somepinkflowers said...


i do like how the photos
of under the pier
look like a church.


very nice
as i always think that space
feels rather temple~like,
don't you.

{{ hope to be in venice early May;
where will you be then? }}

Renae said...

Your first picture reminds me of the apple trees in our yard. We already have little apples forming! :-)

That's TX weather for ya!

- A - C - said...

Those last 2 shots are amazing. it felt like being in a eerie cathedral.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

I surfed a bit on your blog and yes it is really qualcosa di bello. I will be back soon !

Paula In Pinetop said...

thinking of you.....

Here in New Mexico, Spring has arrived.

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

deb...i am working the spiritual exercises again for lent...fasting from the internet is a biggie...altho i could use the extra hours...i am in need of more prayers for a job i am hoping to land...if you can spare a few i am making novenas for this...it could save me...love the branches...they would make great wings on the twiggles...blessings, r

Anonymous said...

I'm so ready for spring, too. Today just about did me in with its slate gray cloud cover, constant drizzle, and humidity. Was I warmish or chilly today? I never could tell.

BUT... I was home, and so were the kids. I had a lovely late afternoon nap of the porch, and then proceeded to make homemade french onion soup. I keep thinking "this will be the last batch of soup of the season..." but, not so fast.

Our cherry blossom tree is in full bloom, at least, reminding us that spring is on the doorstep!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

back again to tell you my 3rd blogaversary is this week...i will be having a BIG GiVe AwAy...please spread the word and come enter!! blessings, rebecca

erin said...

Love the pier photos!

qualcosa di bello said...

spf...i thought the very same thing when i stood under the pier...an utterly mystical moment.

renae...i can only imagine those beautiful apple blossoms~ a memory of my childhood...i miss them!

andrea...a high compliment from a photog such as yourself...thank you!

fabrizio...now i am blushing! & extremely grateful for your kind words!

paula...i am sure it is fueling your creative juices!

rebecca...you know you have them~ everyday!

jen...i had so many days this month that called for a nap (only took one though)...it seemed so grey & now the blossoms seem so much more brilliant

erin...thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you are having a lovely journey. Thanks for letting the sun come back to us early. Feels like fire season already. Best wishes at you, Qualcosa :)