10 March 2009


big white dogs...& black wool clogs do not mix!!


Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of this crazy commercial they're running for some sort of pet hair picker upper.
They put a whole mess of black cats on a white sofa, and then a lady magically cleans it all up in about 15 seconds.
Where is she when you need her? ;)
Much bloglove to all members of the family 2 legged and otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I know ALL about this! LOL

Leslie said...

I'm afraid I know about this too. Thing is, I have one big white dog and one big black dog, so we've got all colors covered here.

Paula In Pinetop said...

Ha! Love the slippers ala dog !

We have a cat who loooovvvveesss our slippers.

Karen Cole said...

Rusty dog hair works well also. :-)

Ya gotta love em though.

Happy day to you Debbie!

Anonymous said...


Geraldine said...

LOL!!! good one. I can relate except it's a furry guy named Mr.Cheddar over here who just happens to be feline not canine!

Hugs, G

Renae said...

So sorry about the clogs! ;-) Had to pop over and tell you I wish you were here. Am having to learn a song in Italian - to sing at a wedding - in 2 days! EEEk! I took Spanish in H.S., and learned a few Italian arias in college, but that's been more years ago than I care to admit!

The plus side is that probably no one at this wedding will actually speak Italian. Maybe. Maybe they won't know I'm butchering it . . .

(Heavy sigh.)

qualcosa di bello said...

frances...yes, i need her!!! if you find her please send her immediately, we are drowning in the great spring shed!

maryann...oh yeah!

leslie...i should have consulted my dogs on design, for sure!

paula...i guess you could think of it as an extra layer of warmth

karen...rusty would match slightly better ;-)

britt-arnhild...& keep a lint roller handy!

geraldine...is that the famous mr. cheddar in your profile pic??

renae...you *know* i would love to help you...please let me know how it goes...buona fortuna, bella!!!