21 November 2008

hey! who moved the equator??

i'm beginning to think we've slipped a few degrees latitudinally here in eastern NC as we brace for our 2nd onslaught of snow in 3 days. (in our neck of the woods, any snow~ even one flake~ in november is an onslaught!) Little Man informs me that we could expect to see a dusting on the grass later today & low temperatures tonight of 24F/-4C (almost 20F below our typical november lows!) with wind chills around 14F/-10C. right now we have leaden sky with a stiff wind from the north...& a fire in the hearth!! if nothing else, this weather sure does ignite a bit of the holiday spirit!

in a few weeks Little Man & i are off to see Baby Girl in costa rica where i fully expect to find our misplaced weather & pack it in my bag for the return trip!


rochambeau said...

Well at least you can leave your snow~boots behind while you're will Baby Girl, perhaps you can use your umbrella.
Safe travels friend!

qualcosa di bello said...

constance...a trade i will happily make! (she said the same...this is their rainy season)

Leslie said...

We got more than four inches of snow here on Friday, and I have never seen that in November -- not in 31 years!

qualcosa di bello said...

leslie...i am coming your way with much trepidation (snow & i are not friends on the highway). i just hope for no snow on the travel days :D