29 July 2008

travel...light on blogging but chock full of other goodies!

do you remember why you left...do you know where you are going...or would you rather follow the path of surprises & delights unknown...follow the crowd...or fly solo...will you stop & smell the flowers...do you believe that love conquers all...can you feel the rush of time...as you tread over the ancient ruins...are you willing to bloom where you are planted...or must your wings unfold...

do you seek the shade of refreshment, enjoying every cool drop...do you remember to look up...to look ahead, to look behind...& yet to stand in the present...do you delight in the season's offering, no matter how mundane...do you embrace the day, arms wide open with joy...do you light the candle in the darkness...do you see the window of opportunity...do you shoulder the burden for one in need...do you stop to help one who is lost...do you stand in the awe & let it fill you...travel on, you who journey...tell your story of a life well-lived, in love & joy!we are home, safe & sound...all the richer for having gone.


erin said...

what a lovely photo tour through some familiar sights :)

Claudia said...

it seems to me that your holiday was extraordinary! happy that you enjoyed!

somepinkflowers said...

what an
~*amazing*~ posting!

going back to read it again.


Anonymous said...

That was truly moving.

- A - C - said...

Exceptional post. Lovely, inspiring and funny.


Paula In Pinetop said...

And I am all the richer for having found your blog. What a truly wonderful post.

Thank you.

Karina said...

What a beautiful post, both the words and the photos. Thank you!

And welcome home!

Unknown said...

I Just LOVED this post, Debbie. You know how to capture everyone's journey. Hope you are fab.

Leslie said...

Oh boy! Lots of eye candy here. You truly are richer for having gone, and so are we for all the beautiful photographs you brought back! Thank you!

Karen Cole said...


This is one exceptional post. This would have taken me forever to put together. I think it should be one of those little gift books that you see in the bookstore. It's amazing....should I go on?

Beautifully said. Beautifully illustrated.

I am there with you in spirit.

mmmmm .....straciatella!!!

We need to coordinate our visits better.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog as well..hugs!

NeereAnDear said...

I am so excited to have found your blog through one of your comments on anothers...

I too am of Italian descent ... full blooded .... I dont know any Italian though... and sadly have never been there... but now I can visit through your blog..



Anonymous said...

Superb pics.
Was so glad to see a comment form you tonight.
Hug Phil and L for me - and yourself too!

Anonymous said...

What a B E A U T I F U L post. Makes me so touched I'm sobbing! Thank you. I'm going to read it again. But the parts that really get to me are:
Do you light a candle in the darkness? Do you stop to help someone who is lost? Do you shoulder the burden for one in need?
Is it alright if I copy your post?
Welcome home! This is the post I needed.
Thank you.

qualcosa di bello said...

erin...i bet it was familiar ;)

claudia...the only thing missing was visiting with some of my italian friends who were too far away from roma!

spf...i found a certain special paper shop just by the pantheon...;)

anon...i'm glad it touched you

andrea...thanks, just like your lovely photos & words are for me!

paula...thank you for the kind words & now i am off to visit you!

karina...thank you~~ it is good to be back!

andrea...& so do *you*~~ my fave middle eastern tour guide!

leslie...that is 1/2 the fun...sharing these joys with others!

karen...you bet we do! i can't believe how i have just missed others in so many places. but one day...

maryann...i thought of you while i was doing this post! hugs back to you!

jo...i sure hope you get to visit italia one day...it is so worth it!

frances...it is good to finally have some blog time again! i've missed it so! phil & L. send doggy kisses your way!

constance...don't you dare make me cry!!! you sure can...hugs to you & your momma!

Annie Jeffries said...

Surprises and the unknown -

Fly Solo -

Yes, yes, and yes

Always looking up and around or so much will be missed -

It is the little things that give us our greatest opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, magnificent, enchanting and so well said!!
Thank you for this delight! :)

bella x

Anonymous said...

what an ablsolutely beautiful site-i love it! (thanks so much for reading & commenting on my blog, btw.)

-jeanne (aka mama waples at www.mamawaples.org)