12 June 2008


after a kennel call...a nine hour road trip in the middle of the night fueled by caffeine (omg, i could *not* find a starbucks to save my soul)...a weekend at the girlfriend's awesome crib (goodness, we slept in our own **wing**!)...meeting SPF, oh yes we did!!!!!...one space shuttle launch...4 countries...14 decks of cruise ship fun...& endless hours of line dancing (you really didn't think i would incriminate myself with a photo of *that* now, didya??)...we are home, the laundry is caught up, the guest room is turned around...& for what!!?!!?...the next round of visiting~~

the soul sisters will come full circle next week (sadly, sans edwin & limos, but we'll make do!) i must say that even with all the busy-ness of this travel time, i am missing my blog-buddies! so watch out~~ i'll be droppin' by for a visit very soon!

catching up...with internet time on board the cruise at 55 cents a minute, i decided that the blog & blog hopping were on vacation too! not only was the travel happening, we also celebrated some important dates last week~~ Big Bro turned 16!!!! on a cruise ship~! (& no, he did not drive!) Baby Girl entered a new decade last week...celebrating the big 2-0, also on board the ship!& piacere celebrated a blogiversary~ june 3~ at sea! i want to give a shout-out to a few blogs who inspired me to begin piacere~~ i discovered blogs 3 years ago through several of my favorite authors, one of whom traveled to roma in 2006. in one of her posts, she mentioned bleeding espresso as a go-to for the italian life of an expat. one click & i was hooked! visiting sognatrice was more than a mere coincidence...as i read her '100 things about me' i realized that we had a bit more in common than just a love of all things italian going on...we grew up in the same area! it was the kick in my seat that brought me out of the lurk mode...i finally dropped a line to a blog author. turns out her mom & my husband used to work together!

around this very time i was stumbling through miscellaneous blogs still in the lurk mode & i found constance, SPF & corey. i distinctly remember thinking how wonderfully creative the blogosphere is & yet feeling so very intimidated. each day i would visit these 4 amazing women plus many, many more & finally something inside me said 'why not'! with sognatrice's help, i was up & running with my first post 3 june 2007!

shortly thereafter, shan welcomed me to the what's cooking wednesday crew (sorry, shan, for my shameful absence these last few weeks!) & frances to the she who blogs gang. it has been one wild & happy ride ever since! ladies please take a bow for your exceptional contributions to the blog world...y'all were my inspirations!

up soon...more reminisces from italia (i still need to give a nod to firenze e venezia!)~~ better get crackin' before that next trip...our roman language holiday redux in july!


erin said...

wow! looks like you had an amazing and eventful time! So sad I missed you in St. Aug...but now I'm reading SPF's site! I may have to meet a new friend here :)

Happy Anniversary too! And, can't wait to hear about Florence! ahhh, I'm missing it.

Anonymous said...

Happy blogoversary! :)

Anonymous said...

i love you all and i wish i had been there.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you tsarted blogging :-)
Happy anniversary

lissa said...

great photos!

happy blogiversary!

strange, I started my writing site on June 5!

SabineM said...

Thank you for posting the side by side...
I entered our entry on the TNchick site...
Happy Blog anniversary!!!!
Waving from the UK, one more day here and then back to Switzerland...and yes you should go to Switzerland...I will tell you where to go...

somepinkflowers said...

hurray! YIPPEE!


your and your sweet tribe
of female*family*friends
MORE than made my day!


didn't we have fun!
could not *believe*
how the time went flying...

that shuttle went up on time
the next day
of me.

i knew you guys
could not miss that experience.

i prayed
like you would not believe
that it would not be postponed.


looks like your expedition
was varied
and suitably wonderful.

be back for the unfolding, missy!


PS--i may, just may, have met
my quantity-of-photo-taking equal
in YOU.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Piacere!
Congrats on your anniversary. You are a bright spot in the land of blog!
Bet it was FUN!


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Happy blogiversary! I'm so happy you've jumped into this blogging world...and Mom says hi to you, hubby, and family :)

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

sounds like you ha a marvellous time!

Karina said...

Sounds like a wonderful, fantastic time! and happy bloggyversary!!!