28 May 2008

buon compleanno, il mio ometto!!

dear Little Man, my crazy world-traveling meteorologist in the making...yesterday you turned 14. how can it be that my baby, the *baby* is now taller than his momma?? really, your name should be Not-So-Little-Man! every single day is a wild ride with you...from 6 am math lessons (at your request!) to tornado chasing, there is never, ever a dull moment around here. and dad & i are loving every minute of it! i cannot believe you will start high school later this year...time for the serious science that you soak in like a sponge.may your rain gauge be full, may your radar detect awesome skies (i know our definitions of 'awesome skies' differ a bit!), may your forecast be bright...now pack your bags for that visit with M., the shuttle launch & the cruise...andiamo, ometto!!! love, your momma :)


Claudia said...

how tender! Happy birthday to your ometto!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Auguri to Little (always growing it seems) Man!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful, heartfelt, poignant birthday tribute to your son! happy birthday to him- and a happy day to the mama too.
Bella x

Annie Jeffries said...

Happy Birthday, Little Man. You are going to have such a fun and exciting next four years.

SabineM said...

My baby (who is actually my oldest) is going to be 14 in 2 weeks! Yikes. where has the time gone. Also starting High school in the fall and Oh boy that worries me! Girls in high school.....need I say more!
Have fun at the launch!

Anonymous said...

A very happy birthday wish for your son :)

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Little~Big man. Fourteen is a great year! One of my very favorites! Plus what a wonderful time of year to celebrate this special anniversary of your baby, now a young man. How exciting.


ps nice cake!

qualcosa di bello said...

claudia...thank you from L.M.!

sognatrice...& you too!

bella...we are quite proud of him...

annie...i believe you are right!

sabine...that high school age is such a shock to us, isn't it??

mary ann...thank you!!!

constance...it really is a great year, a time when things really start to move toward adulthood.