11 March 2008

the wonder of it all...

i wasn't planning on posting today, but sometimes you just have to! weather is not the only thing Little Man likes to track in the sky...he is also a big fan of space travel. second only to the weather channel, his favorite tv channel is the NASA channel. last night, our dedicated scientist-in-residence sounded the alarm at 2 am & D., Little Man & i had the pleasure of watching the launch live, followed by a mad dash to the end of our dock. in the pitch dark, starry sky we saw the shuttle zoom across our horizon for a few minutes. just amazing!
if any of you are feeling a need for some cool science, Little Man has provided some of his favorite NASA related websites for your viewing enjoyment...
coming soon to a sky near you!
the 2:28 am DST launch of the space shuttle endeavor. (photo source)
the real time tracking will stay in the blog sidebar throughout the mission


Anonymous said...

Remember when launchings were very big news and were on all (7) channels? They still amaze me.

somepinkflowers said...

little man
will be the head weatherman
for NASA...


that is the ticket!


i cannot wait
to see how this will all turn out
(although i am not wishing for time
to speed up,or anything)
i have faith in all of us:
little man for doing WHATEVER,
YOU for reporting it,
ME for being here
to read about it.

i have *tons* of faith
for all good things.

[[i love your lighted candles
in your sidebar, by the way...]]]

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Awesome! I was always a huge fan of the space program too...I remember posting once about my desire to be an astronaut. Then I really started to hate math. Boo.

Jannis said...

Little man and my husband would get along famously. You are a great mama to get up at 2 a.m with your child.... I'da mumbled "go on without me honey"

Karen Cole said...

Love to hear about your little man. Mine was so similar.

I actually have been lucky enough to be at the space center for a launch.
It's an amazing experience.

Joy T. said...

That gelato door handle is priceless!! MMMmmm and the sweet potatoes look devine.

qualcosa di bello said...

maryann...yes i do! (& i do remember the days of only 7 channels...)

spf...ok...you are speaking his language! i think he would be quite at home in that role. i love watching his joy & zest for life play out...just like you said~~ "whatever"

sognatrice...yep, math is essential, lots & lots of it. you should see his work just for the meteorology stuff!

jannis...i'm a kid at heart with space flight, but there are other things that might find me mumbling & promptly falling back to sleep.

karen...we are trying to coordinate a visit at the end of may for discovery's launch...we have to be in central FL anyway, so why not??

joy...i briefly flirted with the idea of replacing some of my doorhandles with that, but hubby's practical nature kicked in!