26 March 2008

fallout from a blogging holiday...

what did i learn in more than a week away?

that the super-size paper i had due for a class last week was written in half the normal time.

that the email & internet icons are huge sources of temptation while i am writing a paper on my computer.

that i can make a very large dent in my to-read pile of books (hello, five quarters of the orange!)

that i really, really missed visiting blogs & found myself wondering how everyone was doing.

that taking a blog holiday with a school holiday & a home full of extended family is a very fulfilling way to spend one's time :-)

we had a fantastic time with lots & lots of cooking, eating, celebrating. (sorry, no recipe for what's cooking wednesday...:-( but hopefully there will be a yummy one next week) D.'s parents are safely back in PA (but will return shortly~yeah!) & Baby Girl is back at school to finish her spring semester (only 1.5 months to go~yeah!). Boyworld is back to school. D. & i are gearing up for **travel**. and...spring has sprung!

& the counting of 1000 gifts continues...

63. bathroom remodeling that was *complete* before D.'s parents arrived!

64. trees full of flowers...gardens full of flowers...blossom petals on every breeze

65. a holy Easter celebration with loved ones & friends

66. a moonrise glimpsed through the church window on Holy Thursday

67. that first glorious bite of chocolate after the Lenten fast :-)

buona pasqua a tutti!


JP (mom) said...

Wonderful blessings! Sometimes it's important to shift priorities and enjoy the other things life has to offer. Peace, JP/deb

Joy T. said...

Great list and I hear you on missing some blog reading. I sure wonder what people are up to if I haven't visited them in a few days.

the mother of this lot said...

Glad you're back and that you had a good week!

Claudia said...

I do agree that working on a computer with broadband on is a terrible temptation, but thanks you find time to come to visit mine! my new template throw away all the widget (are they called so? the things on the side?) So I'm terribly busy trying to recollect them!

Happy Easter to you too, in late!

lissa said...

Welcome back, sounds like you had a wonderful week off. I don't think you miss anything in the blogging world and there's always time to catch up

Karina said...

Glad you enjoyed your break and took advantage of the family time! Also very glad to have you back! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring And Peace to you Qualqosa! Glad you finished your paper, spent time with family and got to celebrate life. Like you, I miss the friends in the blogosphere when I can't visit! These friendships are very real is a certain special way!
Really do share in your joy about your bathroom being completed! I realize from your blog how you have been working on your house. It is a long process and when it finally suddenly happens, it is amazing!

Would you be kind enough to say a prayer for my mother?


Anonymous said...

It's nice to take a little blogging break once in a while. btw, I am fine...now you don't have to wonder ;)

Quiet Paths said...

Welcome back. You spent your time well! I really enjoyed your Holy week posts last week on write away.

qualcosa di bello said...

jane...that's exactly right! shaking things up is good.

joy...that was my biggest temptation last week! give mushu a smooch for me...

jackie...thanks...& i loved your palm sunday post!

claudia...it looks so good i didn't even notice the missing widgets! :)

lissa...yes, i think i might have been a slow week. i am loving your photo project!

karina...thanks a bunch!~

constance...consider it done! your momma is such a special, dear lady...it is a pleasure to do that for the 2 of you

maryann...good to hear! & now i can catch up on all the festa italia recipes :)

quiet paths...thank you. it was the only forethought i had about holy week posting