30 November 2007


joyous, humble, hesitant, restrained...the time of expectant waiting in the darkening days leading up to Christmas.

the quieted world...a time to ponder in the silence. the closeness of winter...a sense of drawing in, of homing~~ lighting candles & fires...the softest of light. the very last day of november...i would know this by the thin sunlight & its slanteven if i had no calendar. today we are cleaning our home in a very thorough manner to make room for the empty manger...advent wreath...and more candles. tonight we will light the strings of lights that will lessen the deepening dark of tomorrow's december.the last day of november also marks the end of NaBloPoMo & NaNoWriMo. i am giving a special shout-out to 2 she who blogs members who met the 50,000 word mark this month while working on their novels...

congratulations, ladies!!!!!!

and with this post, i come to the end of my own 30 days~ a post a day for this whole month! what a wonderful, creative experience it has been...i have been grateful for every single moment~~ working on my own posts & reading posts of others.

tomorrow, for the beginning of advent, please be sure to visit britt-arnhild's celebration. for those of you celebrating advent...may it be a peaceful time of renewal.


Roam2Rome said...


We ddddid it! We ddddiiidd it! :)

è stato un piacere :)

lissa said...

Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo. I enjoyed reading your posts this November. Sorry didn't have time to leave comments.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hapy Advent, may your string of candles burn bright through this season.

pussreboots said...

Thank you for the pat on the back.

Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo.

Happy blogging.

Christine Swint said...

I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief, yet I can't seem to stop writing!!! It's kind of crazy.

Sunflower said...

congrats. love you. the house looks beautiful

Anonymous said...

Well-done my dear blog buddy.
And I am so looking forward to your new photo blog!
Waving wildly from New York,

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me how my grandmother would leave the manger empty until christmas. Thank you :)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

My grandmother left the manger empty until Christmas morning too--then it was my job to put in the Baby Jesus.


Lovely month of posts and a special thanks for your help getting me through NaBlo as well :)

qualcosa di bello said...

roamer...e` vero!! yes, we did!!

lissa...i know what you mean about not having time for deep blog visiting. i have still enjoyed each day's photos on your postcards blog

britt-arnhild...& happy advent to you too...thank you for hosting its commencement!

sarah...thank you too...

christina...it really did allow a lot of writing to pour forth...& it is still working!

sunflower...i can't believe those shots came out like they did. i was really struggling with the light.

frances...& you too!!! i have been literally steeping in your beautiful memoirs! please keep writing! :D

maryann...isn't that a neat tradition! we started it when we had children & it really conveys a message to them.

sognatrice...prego! & what a special job you had!!! our Baby Jesus just shows up on Christmas morning! when the children were little, they thought that was the most awesome thing.