11 September 2007


we remember...
"our guys"

Ladder 105
Vincent Brunton, Captain
Thomas Kelly, Firefighter
Henry Miller Jr., Firefighter
Dennis Oberg, Firefighter
Frank Palombo, Firefighter

Engine 219
John Chipura, Firefighter

Division 11
Timothy Stackpole, Captain

& all the those lost to us on that day...

Eternal rest grant to them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

memorial photo courtesy engine 219/ladder105


Anonymous said...

How terrible sad. What happened?
My prayers are with yours

Kristen Robinson said...

A day to remember those that fell in the line of duty protecting those who died in such a tragic event.

somepinkflowers said...

i clicked
on every heartbreaking link.

thank you for making this
more personal,
for putting the faces and stories
with the names.

i have no more words.

qualcosa di bello said...

corey...we live in an area dense with retired FDNY/NYPD, & these are the guys whose families we "adopted" post 9/11. they are very special to us. thank you for the prayers.

kristen...you said it...God bless them all.

karina...your tribute is beautiful!

SPF...heartbreaking & inspiring too.

Wicked H said...

Thank you for this, beautiful.....

Karen Cole said...

What a beautiful tribute. Molto grazie.

MommaBoo said...

What a wonderful tribute. Like "somepinkflowers" said, putting faces with the names makes it all the more tragic.

I have chillbumps.

Bless you! Thank you.

qualcosa di bello said...

h...you are very welcome!


jennie...bless you too...i am honored to have a place to do a memorial for these incredible heroes.