31 August 2007

staying focused...

i like lists to help me stay organized & keep my scattered thoughts from wandering too far in any one direction. i would not consider myself a slave to my lists (though i do feel satisfied to cross off accomplishments)...rather i feel as though i need their guidance in keeping my overall direction. i prefer to let a part of me remain open to the serendipitous, wonderful, unexpected too, sometimes putting the list aside for a bit.

when i was planning the school year (*BIG* lists involved here!) over the summer, i began to wonder (in a bit of a panic, i confess) just how much we were living what we really believed. or were we just concerned about the "must do" stuff (state & college requirements). hmmmm... not that these things aren't important, but what about the concept of truly embracing life & living joyously?

then i stumbled across a homeschool blogger i enjoy and her post about the Rule of 6.
i read & pondered.

this wasn't someone's list for me to live by...it was a list i would thoughtfully compile, based on our own unique family life...to keep the focus, especially as it relates to nurturing & homeschooling my children. i see it as a generic "what must we incorporate into our lives here at chez piacere everyday, just for us" guide. & it has turned out to be a very good tool as i have prepared the new school year.

(disclaimer...i realize that not everyone who reads this is Catholic/Christian. this is not meant to be a judgment on another; it is simply my sharing of what holds meaning for us.)

Our Rule of 6...
include in each day...

*Attention to our faith...privately & as a family

*Caring for others...compassionate awareness of those around us

*Choices based on...whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, gracious, excellent, & worthy of praise

*Personal care...mind, body & soul

*Time in nature...fresh air, rain or shine

*Meaningful work that provides growth & enrichment...mental, physical,cultural/beautiful, movement, & silence/stillness

as i worked on this, it amazed me that it is so possible for a day to slip by without *ever* touching on something elemental & deep-seated if i don't make a conscious choice to include it. i want my children to grow in thoughtfulness regarding who they are & what is important to them.

& so another school year has begun, in hopeful joy...


somepinkflowers said...


with thoughts like these
about compassion
and attention to faith,

i bet you are one fine teacher!


i wish all classrooms everywhere included
the *time in nature* goal.

if they did,
then the other things
might better fall into place,
don't you think?

Bri said...

Most of these, while beautiful in an educational environment - are just as lovely in everyday life. I especially liked the one about creating some of cultural beauty or movement.

Movement is something I value at the highest level along with the ability to understand what I learn and relate that understanding to others is something I would probably add to my list (though you could probably consider this growth).

Anyway - all that to say that I really enjoyed these thoughts - obviously, they are incredibly important and your care with them shows that clearly. I hope the school year goes well.

Unknown said...

Loved this. Indeed, I believe a "mission statement" of some kind (I have a little on on my site), like your Six Rules, helps me make conscious choices and live what I believe. Not an easy task, no doubt, but just being aware--esp. in this crazy world--it's a huge step toward peace. ;-) Bravo.

qualcosa di bello said...

spf...i hope with all that i am that i am a worthy teacher of my children. & yes, i believe it is as important to look out the window or study the world in books as it is to *be* in the world, breathing fresh air *every* day.

bri...our homeschooling is so woven into our everyday life & that is why i like this list so much...i feel the 6 of us *should* do these things each day, schooling or not.

andrea...you know, this list does give me peace...& that will radiate (i hope!)...

thank you all for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

awesome blog momma!!! love and miss you!!!