24 August 2007

K-Bug goes to college...

...nearby & so we did not have the road trip for her venture. she is still contemplating the final destination for a degree, but for now K-Bug is popping in between classes (which she adores) & her job - busy girl!!
i remember that confusion & the shear weight of "what shall i do with my life" - how can we *really* know the answer to that at the tender age of 17 (soon to be 18)?most of us have things that pull our heart strings, deep-seated loves that we cannot explain to another but we know we must follow.in homeschooling our children i have tried so very hard to reassure each of them that they have a path uniquely & joyously theirs. *i* could not discern that for them. oh, i could identify their strengths & be a springboard & lead them to other things that could help them. BUT...i could not tell them what their own hearts had to say. K-Bug is in that sweet place of exploring her heart & mind...and she is doing it so very well!
Go K-Bug!!! we are proud of you!!!


Bri said...

I remember freshman year and forcing myself to be calm in such an alien place. Now, coming back to school is the highlight of the entire year :D I hope your daughter has a similar experience and finds something she loves to study!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you too K-bug.
Good Luck.

somepinkflowers said...

she put that
perfectly color matched

**glorious glittery brooch**

on her JanSport backpack?

i don't even know her
and i love her


Sunflower said...

thanks momma! I love you!

Wicked H said...

She'll do great, look who gave her a strong foundation.

Congrats to you both!

qualcosa di bello said...

bri...i hope so too! i loved college all the way & hope that my children take the same joy in that time.

frances...k-bug is a happy recipient of the blog love - thank you!!

spf...i think you & k-bug have much in common! & she really could be a card carrying member of travel sluts international too!

sunflower...you are blooming with a brooch!!

h...thank you so much!!!