26 July 2007

7 random things meme

these things are fun & Shan inspired me to just jump into it. since my brain is a friend of random, this should be easy!

1. both my boys were born at home with a midwife (or 2!), my dear friend, & D. present. K-Bug was supposed to be as well (but i was very ill at 36 weeks & all parties involved felt homebirth was not a good option. turns out i had the flu & K-Bug was born a month early. all was well!). i was too young & naive when Baby Girl was on the way.

2. if you brush my hair, i will drool

3. my secret fantasy is to be living my very ordinary (albeit happy!) life, when one day in the midst of it all, someone i love grabs me (packed suitcase in hand) & wisks me away to a foreign land (preferably italia!) for a week or two or three... with all the necessary details arranged (leaving things open for spontenaity of course). this is born out of my role as "family travel agent" - i do all the work, they have all the fun. not that i really mind, but the fantasy would be a cool reality!

4. i *really* like my van (much to the chagrin of my ultra-cool teens)

5. i would rather write with a quill pen & ink well as my tools than my laptop any ol' day...but i still love my laptop!

6. the first time i saw a Monet live & in front of me as opposed to in a book or online (at the Met, NYC), my BFF & i both broke down in tears. (side note...an un-named blog reader chuckled when i first divulged this secret. but a few years later, in front of the David in Firenze...he finally *got* it!)

7. i am a "smells 'n bells" Catholic. i love our rich tradition - the ancient prayers, chant, Latin Mass, the mystical out-of-my-ordinary-life feel of beautiful church art in a beautiful old church. but this is hard to find in my neck of the woods.


Karina said...

I had a french teacher in High School that almost ruined Monet and Manet for me. She was obsessed with them, and I learned everything there is to know about them, and not a lick of French in the 3 years I had her as a teacher. At the time, I couldn't stand to hear about them anymore, but now I'm glad for that knowledge and I can pick out a Monet (or a Manet) at a glance. There is something magical about their work. I "get" it!

somepinkflowers said...

lovely mememe you have here
and tasty with thought....

everytime i see **the real** mona lisa,
i think: Is she shrinking?
she seems so large in my life
i forget her smallness...

and let me ask you this...

i am not catholic
but every time i go world traveling
on some level i pretend i am catholic
as the churches rather carry me back
to another life time
where i think maybe i was...

hope this catholic pretense is OK
and not in anyway sinful
[is it?]
as i do it with my best intentions
a pure heart...


Bri said...

Hey - thanks for the comment on Have Goggles. Glad that something I could say would help :D

I have looked into UNCW's program and it's one on the list for my applications. Very nice program (no GRE test required - I nearly fell out :D), and a beautiful campus.

I looked at your other blogs - and now I am so jealous of your hedgehog. Adorable! Also - your poetry is absolutely lovely. :)

Nice meeting you! I'll be sure to add you to my feeds. Thanks again!

Beckie said...

Good eight! I drool also - sometimes I bribe my kids to brush my hair...

I know what you mean about the rich tradition an all of the catholics.

MommaBoo said...


Nice getting to know you better from your "RANDOMNESS"! I guess I'm pretty "RANDOM", too!

Happy Thursday

Anonymous said...

LOL if you brush my hair, I will drool LOLOL Must be a good brusher to make a girl drool!

Shan said...

I am with you on the hair brushing thing. Abby's not all that interested but my girl friend's daughter will brush it for hours.

qualcosa di bello said...

Karina...it is amazing just how magical (great word for it) the works of Monet & Manet truly are!

SPF...i hear you completely on the "carrying back" sensation in an old church. it is a real connection with all those who have been there before & i think we all yearn for that. sinful? i can't imagine that it is. a pure heart never is!

Bri...if you ever head in the direction of UNCW, please let me know. thank you for the pat on the back with the poetry - it can be intimidating to put it out there! & i'll pass along the hedgehog love to my daughter! he is a cool little dude.

beckie, joy & shan...i have been know to bribe certain people to brush my hair (money & food work in my home)! And i used to get my hair cut by a sweet lady who had an client who could not pay, but the stylist exchanged a basic haircut for a 10 minute hairbrushing - no joke!

Jennie...random is so much fun!!!