07 November 2008


all the little pieces fit together& from a distance we begin to see the picture come into focus.sally recently tagged me to lay out some pieces of tile, so to speak...The rules are that I should give six details about myself, link back to the original site(s) and tag six more people.

i've already done this here & here.
for a little twist on the prompt...keeping it fresh this time around, i offer 6 details about myself specific to blogging...
1. i go here for laughs. this guy totally cracks me up! a few weeks ago i stumbled upon his blog from a link on another blog (isn't that the way of the blog world??!!?) & i spent *hours* laughing out loud. i think that may have been considered therapy! his most recent post to keep me in stitches was this one. i believe i might use an idea or two for next hallowe'en from it.
2. i go here for beauty. i cannot read one single word he writes. i am not even sure what language it is, but no matter...the photos are enough. ironically, i believe i found him through the very same blog mentioned in #1.
3. i'm feeling badly that my blogging of 1000 gifts has been quite lax lately. but as i consider this, i realize that i have been busy *living* my gifts...so that's good enough for me!
4. i am loving this opportunity to live vicariously through all your blogs!!!! i get fall foliage on demand, winter snows, bits of italia that make my heart beat faster, recipes to try nella mia cucina, poetry that inspires, travel journals of places i hope to see, stories that move my heart, words that make me cry~ sad or happy tears...you get the idea!
5. and #4 brings me to this thought...i really would love to meet all the wonderful authors of the blogs i regularly read. i'm thinking world blog tour! just ask spf & claudia & jp how much fun it can be when kindred blogging spirits get together.
6. there are scraps of paper all. over. the. place. with blog post ideas...on my desk, in my purse, in my pockets, on the grocery list, in my car... my fondest hope is that i will be able to read the scribblings when i need them (or at least not launder them into oblivion). blogging has led to a cascade of writing for me. i used to want to write. occasionally i made time to write (usually for a class). but being faithful to a blog has unleashed a torrent of words & i quite enjoy it. most of the words comes out in the form of poetry or short essays that i'm not sure i'll ever blog but i enjoy writing them anyway.
so that's my latest installation of random details about my life...a few more tiles in the mosaic. i know who i *want* to tag, but i won't. tag among yourselves. please let me know if you do this because i think it is an awesome way to get to know one another better.


Anonymous said...

That is one of the most creative responses to a tag... No wait! That is the most creative responses to a tag that I've seen. (It's going to take me a few days to read all your links - I've had a few clicks and every single one looks worthy of a detailed read.)

Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

That was creative and the links I've clicked are fab. I'm honored to be included with them. Have a great weekend!

Beckie said...

I love the blogging twist you put on this meme.

Annie said...

What an EXCELLECT meme. so many places to click and peek. I too love visiting "The Happy Catholic". Love, Annie

p.s. Yes, I spotted me in there. Tammy is a beauty.

Anonymous said...

I love your take on the mosaic. One wonders if the scientific method of zooming in on the details and pulling stuff apart can really achieve anything meaningful.

Thanks for linking me to one of the tiles. So glad you find inspiration there. I'd be rather bland though if it wasn't for the colour and inspiration of all the tiles around me. ;)

Anonymous said...

those tiles were gorgeous...such vivid, rich colours...and I never imagined that it was going to turn into such a great picture!

I loved this post/ meme...and thanks for pointing me in the direction of some laughter, I could use some right now!

My friend, you have such a wonderful way with words..your writing really 'speaks' and I feel as if I am sitting across the table from you, listening intently to every word as I sip a mocha. Bliss!
Bella X

P.S. Can I sign up for your 'blogroll'? I tried to but couldn't get in to it. And please sign up to mine. I like to 'see' my blog friends. :)

Anonymous said...

aww, I'm honored that you visit my little blog! I love the photos in the 2nd blog you mentioned. Wow! Very inspiring!
But then again, you yourself are an inspiration to me. ;)

qualcosa di bello said...

sally, you make a girl blush! i do hope you enjoy these special places as much as i do.

cherrye...how could i not include my favorite calabrian cowgirl!?! buon weekend a te!

beckie...just some random thoughts that finally found a landing space...

annie...of course you are!!! & julie's site is one of the very first blogs i ever read. her links are enough to keep anyone busy for a very long time.

brad...in the physical sciences, i think yes, but in the science of the human heart, one needs the bigger picture. & you, bland? no way, not if last week's poem is an indicator!

bella...believe me, the next time i am in NY (or if you come to NC) we *will* sip some mochas together!! thank you for "following"...i will be doing the same shortly!

maryann..."little blog"...c'mon girl!! i am drooling with every visit & so are all your readers! we love you & your not so little blog! & yes, mr. photographer-writing-in-a-language-i-cannot-read is simply awesome! i want to follow him around for a few weeks. what he sees & captures is quite amazing.

lissa said...

I like the way you did the meme

here's something for you

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Every time I visit here I want to come visit you in person.

I just finished "Missing Mom," btw. Thank you :)