04 November 2008


i think we brought something home from chicago, something more than sweet memories & great coffee...though i don't remember searching for it, buying it, packing it, or stowing it in the overhead compartment. but nonetheless cold weather came home with us! i'm talking mid-january type weather. brrrrrrrrrrrrr...& that abruptly reminded me of the top 5 things i will miss with the passing of the season...

1. morning coffee on the deck. i know i can still drink my coffee out there when the temperature is 30F/-1C degrees, but the coffee gets cold waaaay too quickly. & really, dressing up like i am competing in the iditarod is not much fun either.
2. going to sleep with the windows wide open, enjoying the sounds of the night bugs. let's just say, our 'window of opportunity' will remain closed when we dip below a nighttime low temperature of 45F/7C degrees ;-)
3. waking at 3 am to the sound of a mockingbird serenading the moon. i just don't hear him in the fall or winter...maybe he's not impressed with the cold either.4. packing only summer clothes for travel. summer clothing=lighter weight=more options. winter packing in the backpack is a true challenge. jeans & heavy sweaters...hmmmm... you do the math.
5. daylight filling the sky in the early morning hours. it is easier to open the eyes at 6 am when it's light outside!
but that got me to thinking...season change is not all gloom & doom. to be fair, i reminded myself of some things that bring comfort with the lengthening dark~ my top 5 consolations that come with the colder weather...
1. coming in from the cold morning air after hound patrol's first morning jaunt & wrapping my chilled hands around a steaming cup of coffee2. going to sleep snuggled under a down blanket
3. waking in the middle of the night to a crystal clear winter sky filled with stars. sometimes i slip out onto the deck & cannot believe the beauty spreading above me. & the still silence of a winter night is breathtaking.4. wool socks, cozy scarves, warm sweaters & soft mittens!
5. longer evening hours of dark are perfect for lighting candles & a fire in the hearth or in the fire ring outside.what are your cold-weather consolations?


Beckie said...

I mourn the loss of summer.

I guess one of my consolations is sitting by the fire knitting. Something that I quite enjoy this year.

Leslie said...

I've been looking forward to the fall and cooler weather, so it's not really a question of consolation. I am settling in with no guilt about garden beds that need weeding, watered or trimmed; and with lots of time to make art!

rochambeau said...

Hi Qualcosa!
Happy Autumn!
Like Leslie I'm SO happy for the weather to change to cold. It is due to how much hot summer I have endured in one lifetime, plus I'm just a fall girl.

Thank you for dropping by!
Thinking of you and sending up a prayer of joy!


qualcosa di bello said...

beckie...that is a soothing consolation for sure!

leslie...ah ha! cold weather centering/nesting is a very good thing. plus, i like the starkness of a garden in winter, esp. when a cardinal sits among the sepia.

constance...queen of autumn!! one of your many glorious titles! :D

SabineM said...

I will take some of that cold.. it is far to warm for my taste here!
Lovely Shots! I love where you live!