05 September 2008

hanna & pajamas!

yep, that's right...we are battened down awaiting hanna's visit & i am blogging in my pj's! what a difference 24 hours makes!!...yesterday...today...now, the prep work is over...everything that was outside is now inside. the dock is stored under the house. the boats are safely on land. the evacuation checklist is back in its file for now as there are no mandatory evacuations (whew!)...as of now, our county has issued a curfew for tonight. the candles stand ready for later. Little Man has two computers with all sorts & types of weather sites running (radars, forecastings, etc...) it looks like ms. hanna will be paying us a visit as a strong tropical storm or a cat 1 hurricane...our resident weather geek just reported wind speeds of 70mph with gusts to 85mph (these speeds are still several hours away from us as i type this). we began feeling the steady winds last night...15-20mph sustained all through the night. today they dropped a bit to 10-15mph...no big deal, really, but it was enough to keep the bay full of white caps. about the water...the forecast calls for storm surge of 4-6 feet...landfall will coincide with our overnight high tide, so i am sure we will have some bay in our yard. our low tide this afternoon actually looked just like high tide as the wind is blowing from the east & pushing water *into* the bay in spite of the turned tide. times like this make me very glad our home is on pilings, keeping us dry through this type of surge. even though we worked hard before nightfall, we did find some time to hang with our weather channel friends!that's right...Little Man got the call yesterday from one of our road crew buddies...they were filming nearby through the evening & it was a pleasure to spend time with them...Little Man enjoyed another opportunity to get more career advice & dream of a possible future!...oh...i almost forgot...please keep the very last of our bird families to hatch in your good thoughts as they weather the storm just outside our window. we have not seen them fly yet but have hopes that they are big & strong enough to get through this...& now i better get this post up...dark has arrived & the winds are picking up again (around 25mph sustained!)...more later if the power cooperates...
& as always...my hurricane season prayer...Psalm 107:29:"He hushed the storm to a gentle breeze, and the billows of the sea were stilled."


somepinkflowers said...

miss piacere

i decided to check your blog
One More Time
before turning off my computer
for the night...

satisfied to see you are hunkering down
and things are ready with all...


jim cantore--
my personal fav--
is in atlantic beach, NC.
not far from you,
i guess.

stay safe and let us know how things go
after this passes.
{{ i understand
you are likely to lose power }}

i do know that you have some
Mighty Power
hovering near you


- A - C - said...

be safe!

hugs from NY

P.S. first two shots are awesome!

erin :: the olive notes said...

stay safe...hopefully hanna won't pack to much of a punch. Good practice for the little weather man though :)

we had a nest of birds, that we were so sad to find the next day on the ground. I hope your bird friends do much better.

Leslie said...

The first rain associated with Hanna has started falling here. I will be thinking of you as we share this storm. I'll be experiencing a kinder, gentler Hanna than you will.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had forgotten that you live that way... what a blessing to live near water, but "you can't have it all and have it all be perfect," I suppose.

I will pray for you tonight - and the little bird friends. I hope you will be snug and safe.

"He is in the whirlwind and the storm."

Keep us posted -

qualcosa di bello said...

spf...we missed seeing mr. cantore this time, but our crew buddies were stationed with mike seidel (closer to us) & it i was nice to visit with them! we never did lose power (& of course, there's always the Higher Power!).

andrea...so you flew over here just to be a part of some tropical weather fun?!?! stay safe up there in the mela grande!

erin...it looks as though we both escaped serious stuff through this~ yeah!! Little Man is all over this stuff, all night long...& loving it! our birds...i forgot to update~~ they left the nest through the early nighttime & we believe they were big enough & feathered enough to make it. they probably went to a safer location.

leslie...thank God this is a fast mover...you should not have too much trouble with it...my prayers are *always* with those in the paths of these storms!

jen...the price for paradise! it gives you strong prayer muscles for sure!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

What an amazing beauty in your first photo.

I'm glad Hannah missed you.