03 September 2008

false advertising...

when your day looks like this...& this...but the forecast looks like this...it almost seems like false advertising, don'tcha think??? of course, not-so-little man (note to self: must find new nickname) is all over this upcoming weather event. he is salivating at the prospect of weekend storm tracking. me...not so much.(weather graphics courtesy of this site)

i've already laid down the law...anything approaching a cat 2 hurricane & we're outta here! barring intensification & a lack of power, i am guessing that i will blog ms. hanna. time will tell...prayers are definitely in order! for now, it's back to school work & later this afternoon...time to begin hurricane prep work, which goes something like this...

it's that time when you start to peruse your evacuation "to do" list (i created it the first season we were here & i am so glad because i know i would forget something in the middle of a crisis).

you look around your yard & deck, wondering when to bring things inside (i do mean *everything* for if it is left outside, it could become a projectile).

you start the back-&-forth scenario in your head: take the boat out, no wait, take the boat out, no wait.

you go over evacuation routes in your head (which way do i go??).

you go to the store for water & batteries, the stockpile of which will get you through an entire year without a hurricane.

you lovingly pat your generator when you pass by.

you set weather underground as your boot-up page (our family's weather forecasting preference online since 1998). or you simply summon Little Man to the computer to cruise through his 50 or so weather prediction internet sites.

EVERYONE asks Little Man what the lastest updates are saying!

& you pray...that it goes gently out to sea, harming no one in its travels.

my hurricane season prayer...Psalm 107:29:"He hushed the storm to a gentle breeze, and the billows of the sea were stilled."


somepinkflowers said...

now see...

i have been thinking about you guys
all day...


on yesterday's predictions
that Hanna was set to slide right by my beach on thursday night...

she is going further east and north...

~~He hushed the storm
to a gentle breeze~~
is now my prayer, too,

{{ how about Weather*Wonder
for little man's
new name?
but that may be
way toooo long
toooo type.... }}

Madame Meow said...

Yikes! Wishing you uneventful weather for the duration!

Karen Cole said...

I always love reading the blogs of good writers. EVERYTHING is so much more interesting.
I pray that all remains calm and as beautiful as all of the photos you post.

I still call my 28 year old son (also a science guy) "my little man"....and he's not so little.

Joy T. said...

Stay safe! I'll be thinking of you!!

anthonynorth said...

Luckily hurricanes are rare in the UK where I live. There's only been one in my living memory.
I feel for people who regularly live in their path.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you sweety. Good thing you have your son to keep you on alert!
Maryann xox

somepinkflowers said...

just left noaa
and hanna is headed
for your front door...


i try not to worry,
i do
but have you seen ike
right there on her tail?

naturally with your son
you are on top of this...

{{ i came back
for your storm prayer }}

Paula said...

All will be just fine.

qualcosa di bello said...

spf...how have **you** fared??? i see our gal hanna passed right by you earlier today...

mdm. meow...thank you. the forecast is so much less scary than it could be!

karen...you make me blush! about that little man thing, i just can't break the habit & you make me believe i shouldn't bother! he'll always be my baby boy!

joy...we're battened down & grateful for your thoughts!

anthony...thing about us is we choose to be here & take the paradise with its risks. it does spice up life a bit! & would you believe hanna's path is projected in your direction!?!

maryann...thank you a bunch...i think i will go re-read your last post for its calming effect!

spf again...ike is a very, very bad boy!!! lots of prayers needed for his journey, i'll say!

paula...i absolutely believe that too!