06 September 2008

rise & shine!

good morning, sunshine!!!...hanna came ashore about an hour south of us last night with tropical storm force winds (highest speed~ 55 mph), less than an inch of rain, & a storm surge of water that did not leave the confines of the bay...it was just like a standard astronomical tide. now what remains is a bit more wind (in the 30-40 mph range). i will say that we did fare so much better than we did through ophelia in '05 wind & water-wise...that time the bay was in our yard, we lost power & our roof gave up about 1/3 of its shingles! i cannot say enough in favor of our windows that were replaced since '05...during ophelia, even with our windows boarded up, the wind howled & shook those windows. with our new windows (not boarded up for this one) we barely heard the wind, even in the middle of the night with the worst gusts...& i slept so much better for that! Little Man spent most of the night awake & has informed me that these trees in our yard were basically laying down in the grass through some of last night's wind!...glad i missed *that*! has anyone out there ever noticed just how difficult it is to photograph wind???...(those upsidedown steps that you see in this photo are the ones that came off our dock & floated away through the night!) for a more technical analysis of hanna, please head over to Little Man's blog...for those of you still in hanna's path, you have my prayers for safety!


Mandy said...

I am so pleased you survived the storm.

Leslie said...

Very glad to see that you are safe and with electricity this morning! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

You are very sweet to mention my post as your favorite this week. Thanks! Big hug!

erin :: the olive notes said...

glad you weathered the storm ok. and yes, it's so hard to photograph the wind ;)

(I tried last week with Fay)

somepinkflowers said...



times 10.......

somepinkflowers said...

little man's blog
is so professional sounding!


move over
jim cantore..............

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant news.

Claudia said...

Happy to see that everything is ok there!
Have a nice week!

qualcosa di bello said...

mandy...me too!!! i've been missing the poetry & your beautiful words/photos.

leslie...yes, that electricity is a huge gift after all that wind!

maryann...one back at you!!! i love that post!

erin...i just couldn't get it right, or at least to the point of being obvious.

spf...you said it!!! getting through these things is the very biggest relief, esp. with little or no damage. & little man really amazes me with his weather finesse!

anon...it is brilliant!

claudia...& you too!!!