15 November 2007

autumn's abundance...

30 days of thanks...for the beauty of autumn!today's post is for somepinkflowers!...& for anyone else of the deep southern persuasion...

no, i can't seem to convey the *smell* of woodsmoke...but try & imagine that you are by our campfire, crackling wood, warmth in front with a bit of chill on the back...(imagining will have to do for me too this year as we are under a burning ban due to drought.)

the harvest moon riding high in the night sky...so brilliant it is nearly impossible to sleep...la luna beckons you out of doors...

*crunch*...the sweetest apple, juicy ripe...take a cyberbite...or maybe we shall bake them into some delight!...(check back wednesday!)

the perfect slant of evening light...casting gold upon the trees, beginning to change...jeweled contrast with quiet shadows...

hayrides, fields filled with pumpkins that beg for carving & candles, abundant produce from the farmers' market, quieted nights with softer light...



carefully sewn by the hand of God
bursting forth from the branch,
washed in the fragrant rains of spring,
warmed by the summer sun,
dyed in beauty, in secret
in the still of a cool, crisp night,
a patchwork of color-
God's gift that delights the eye;
a gentle wind tugging
at the old quilt
now grown comfortable with age,
pulling it down
to blanket the ground
bidding the autumnal world
-go to sleep, go to sleep.


AnnieElf said...

Ah Deb, your glorious praise of autumn just hits me on all levels. I can smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it, see it.

rochambeau said...

A beautiful gift from God, and a heartfelt gift for Somepinkflowers, who deserves many gifts!

somepinkflowers said...


i can almost smell
the fall things *here*


thank you ever-so much!

i wrote about
such things today, too,
we might get
our first cold weather front

i say that,
but my screen door
is wide open to the porch...

we will see.

i long for a fire
in our fireplace,
soon maybe.

the least i can do
is munch on an apple...

Roam2Rome said...

No campfire? Really?
Aww, that's too bad...

Well, I wish you lots of rain soon, and a drought ban lifted,
and a festive scent of campfire
that will give you lovely winter memories this year, too :)

Claudia said...

Wonderful photos, indeed! I simply love the colours of this season, and you catch almost them all!


qualcosa di bello said...

annie...i'm so glad! that is the joy...

constance...yes spf surely does!!!

speaking of spf...here you are!!!! may your cyber-apple satisfy every autumnal craving :D

roamer...thank you...we really, really need some rain. badly.

claudia...thank you so very much!

Karina said...

Beautiful. This post, and that poem brought forth all the things I love about Autumn.