14 November 2007

buon compleanno, mio marito!

will he know what i wrote in the title? i am guessing that he will guess appropriately, this man who says i speak italian in my sleep sometimes. in the middle (literally!) of my 30 days of thanks, there he is, that wonderful man i married over 20 years ago...celebrating his *BIRTHDAY*!!!!!! my gratitude for D. & what he is & has been to me over these years could write a novel. i really mean that. but i will contain myself today, for he does not like fanfare. i will stick to the simplest, yet most precious parts of my gratitude...
first, for his parents who raised such a fine boy who grew into a man i could love my whole life. for D.'s gentle handling of my younger selfish self when we met. for his loving ability to see past the baggage of my late teen years & his gentle encouragement for my growth (that never stops, i hope). for his deep sense of love, faith & committment. for his passion for family. for his gentle yet firm guidance of our children. for his tender parts that shine when he comforts sad babies & bandages scraped knees. for his loving arms that have held me tight as i cried, grieving the loss of our 3 babies & my momma & daddy. for those same arms that embraced me with such joy the day we married, the days 4 of our babies were born, & many other days of joy too numerous to count. for his first morning hugs, his just-about-to-fall asleep kisses. for his willingness to moon gaze at 3am, even though he must be awake again at 5am. all this & more...

happy birthday, D...the love of my life!!!!

very appropos for what's cooking wednesday today is D.'s very favorite birthday cake! shhhhh....don't tell him it is in the works for tonight! this cake might ring a bell for all you folks familiar with the mid-atlantic part of the US...it is a popular homemade version of the tastykake's famous kandycake.
Homemade "Kandykake"
*beat 4 eggs til thick & lemony
*gradually add 2 c. sugar, 1 c. milk & 1 t. vanilla to eggs
*stir together 2 c. flour, 2 t. baking powder & 1/4 t. salt...gradually add to egg mixture
*blend well & pour into a greased & floured 13" X 15" jelly roll pan or rimmed cookie sheet
*bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes, test for doneness, remove from oven
*spread 1 c. peanut butter over hot cake...let cool, then refrigerate
*melt 1 - 8 oz. milk chocolate bar & frost over chilled peanut butter...enjoy!!


Karina said...

Happy Birthday to D, this was a beautiful tribute. And I love that photo, is that him?

sognatrice said...


And oh my would I love that cake.


Anonymous said...

awww..what a wonderful post filled with love. Happy Birthday to your D :) It's my birthday too!

Roam2Rome said...

Happy Birthday to il tuo marito!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautifil words of love.
And what a great photo of two charming men :-)

qualcosa di bello said...

karina...D. is grateful for your wishes. & yes that is him (the smaller guy ;)! i took the photo from an angle that he could not detect. he thought (rightly so) that i was photographing the wall!

sognatrica...D. thanks you too. i specifically thought of you when i was posting the tastykake poseur!

maryann...buon compleanno a te!!! you have a lovely blog :D

roaming md to be...mille grazie!

britt-arnhild...yes they *are* charming!