30 July 2007

money laundering...

monday, monday! traditional laundry day...especially after our typical weekend adventures! 6 people + 1 machine = "loads" of fun!
over the past 20 years of this chore, i have developed some "rules" to ease my already cushy existence (cushy indeed! consider that for a time, my own momma used a wringer washer - egads!) one of my more famous rules is one that i secretly hope will be broken...

if the owner of a laundered article should happen to leave cash in the pocket, & if said cash should happen to agitate out of the pocket sometime during the laundering process...it is *mine*! all mine!

oh, this is funny to certain people when i find pennies & dimes.

when it is a twenty, not so much!!

ah, the benefits of being a domestic goddess...


Frances said...

Same rule here, but I am the only one who leaves money in her pocket.
My husband goes through his pants twice before handing them over for laundering. LOL
Have a fabulous Monday,

JennieBoo said...

I should implement that rule.

Thing is, "The Hubby" leaves ink pens in his pockets. THAT"S not pretty! Epecially on MY cotton panties! :)

Terra said...

I made $15 last week with this rule! :)

somepinkflowers said...

even when i find my OWN money
in the washer
i am so amazingly happy...

it seems like FOUND money,
like NEW different money,
and usually i never even realized it was missing
in the first place!

do you feel like that?


qualcosa di bello said...

hey ladies...thanks for the laughs! anything to make chores more fun ;)

Frances...that is *exactly* why i implemented this rule - it virtually guarantees clean pockets for me!

Jennie...ink on your panties...sounds like a country song waiting to happen! :D

Terra...its like a giant tip jar, that washer is!

SPF...oh yeah, i'm not proud...i'll even take my own money back because it's like some kind of gift! but since i rarely have any money in my pocket, it's usually profit for me!

Shan said...

Oh it's a rare day here that Michael forgets to empty his pockets. My finds run more along the lines of rocks, twigs, Little Pets and the occasional hair elastic.

When I was a little girl my Grandmother was still using her wringer washer that she filled by bucket from the hand pump in the front yard. Having spent many a day helping with that I try not to complain too much about the laundry :)