07 August 2009

snapshots on the journey3...

after a week in san vittore of rejuvenation...& hospitality that leaves your soul sighing with satisfaction...it was time to pack the bags once again & hit the open road for the mountain town of cascia......i have a special love for santa rita da cascia & so did my mother-in-law. she & i talked of santa rita often & i wish D.'s momma could have been there with us...it was with great joy that i was able to call her from cascia (cell service in those mountains is sketchy, at best) & tell her about the beauty of that place...the basilica...the town...the mountains...the peace...that fills one's soul...in too short a time, we found ourselves back on the road, bound for a beach just outside of roma~ nettuno...


erin :: the olive notes said...

we love Nettuno :) that's where we're thinking of moving seasonally

Renae said...

Okay, now you've got ME droolin'! ;-) I'd love to see these places first hand. Thanks for sharing them through your pictures.


Dory said...

You have an amazing eye for "snapshots". Thanks for bringing us along with you.

Anait said...

Thank you, for your advice :) It's hard sometimes to put my faith in God and trust that things will work out...I analyze too much.

BUT it looks like you are having a wonderful time in the bel paese...great photos! enjoy :)

rochambeau said...

Hello qualcosa di bello!
What a beautiful part of the world you were surrounded by! The church, the homes the majestic mountains! Thank you for the introduction to Santa Riat da Cascia. She is my kind of saint. The one who believes in things impossible! So, thank you.
AND my God continue to bless you and yours!


How did you do with your Italian?
I LOVE the churches all over Italy
and Europe!!!

somepinkflowers said...

oh yes

santa rita...


what a beautiful photo
with ~ the glory ~ shining
through the dome...

i am very much enjoying
these travels
with you, missy ♥

{{ plus no jet~lag }}