12 August 2009

an ocean of excuses...

i am late to one single impression's glorious prompt for this week, but i could not pass it by. sweetest in the gale's offering 'ocean' swam in my mind all weekend & i had no computer access but i did have pen & paper. living by the ocean & seeing its beauty in all seasons is one of the greatest blessings in my life...i have worked through so many of my life's puzzles looking out to sea. i have let it carry my worries away on its currents. i have swum for joy in its waves. i have let the music of its tide put me to sleep. i am in awe of its power~ to churn up & to calm down. it is one of the most powerful ways in which God speaks to my heart. it has been my solace in this season of grief & as i let the prompt carry me, i found once again great comfort.{ocean}

an empty void stretched out before me
the abyss of your absence
& in my solitude i cried
an ocean of tears
their current flowed from the heart
of love
their release filled up the valley
of loss
& on their gentle, lapping waves i sailed
cutting through the sun-dappled shine
into the safe harbor
of your armsplease visit OSI for more beautiful poetry


somepinkflowers said...


living near the sea
a blessing

for the time

we take to watch it.

Tumblewords: said...

Exquisite - words and photos are a wondrous combination!

lissa said...

sad but inviting, full of longings...guess that's what's like when you miss someone

jone said...

I love your photos! I am late in posting as well. The last lines got me.

SandyCarlson said...

Such a wonderful place to arrive!

marde said...

Beautiful posting and take on 'ocean'. Your photos speak of your deep relationship with the sea. I plan to return......

Jim said...

So pretty, but sad. Ms. di Bello, I can see that ocean of tears with their great release. Sooooo goo there was a reuniting.

It's okay you were late, I am glad to read this poem and the lovely background. It would be nice to live by the ocean, we looked into it but there are too many hurricanes around here.

Cre8Tiva said...

you speak from my heart today...hugs, rebecca

Barbara Jacksier said...

Beautiful post... the photos... the poetry....the heartfelt words.