28 July 2009

snapshots on the journey1...

one of the fruits of blogging is meeting the loveliest of people.if home is where the heart is, sally, you need to keep a cot ready for me...i do believe i have left a piece of my heart in your le marche...nestled among its vines...perched atop its stones...flung into its fields...basking it the sun...thank you for a truly perfect week with just the right balance of friendship, song, caffe, & limoncello! hugs from across the pond...
le marche, italia, maggio/giugno 2009


somepinkflowers said...

oh thank you,
for taking me
to casalba!


it looks like
you are achieving
your ambitious goal
of visiting your blogging

yippeee! for that
yippeee! for sharing it here...

isn't life grand ♥

Annie said...

I wanted to reach right in and pluck that fig out of the picture. Splitting it open to share with a friend and the sunflower at our table for decor - sheer perfection.

SandyCarlson said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful, wonderful time!

casalba said...

...and you know how much we loved meeting you and your family also. Thank you for the lovely words and beautiful photos. xxx Sally