12 October 2008


your mind whispers...
the night is dark & i am far from home...
even though you are hiding under the quilt
in your own bed.sometimes
you mistake the pouring rain
for your own tears
while you are safely sheltered
in your own abode.sometimes
a succession of small nothings
begins to look like a pile of something
even though you are certain
each one was handled
with the utmost careand then...
a word arrives
in a still, small voice or in black & white
from one who cares
& you know
that you are not alone.life is indeed a mad mission
but it is not a journey
i long to take
without love.
here's to all of us who are in this thing called life together!


Anonymous said...

You are a true artist..with words and pictures :)

JPSonnen said...

Artistic photos...such a treat!

And I see in one of your comments you'll be back in Italy...that's great!

Drop me a line as my old libero e-mail account was closed several weeks ago: jpsonnen@orbiscatholicus.com .

Saluti da Roma!

Renae said...

Beautiful. Beautiful.

- A - C - said...

Sorry to say this again but... it's beautiful.

You are expressing a great deal here, both in pictures and in words.

love from here

Anonymous said...


Annie said...

Beautiful marriage of words and pictures. You are really speaking to me with this offering today.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sentiment. great photos as well.

Warm Regards,

SabineM said...

Love the photos. The water drop is exquisite!

Britt-Arnhild said...

This is beautiful.

I have some of the same reflection in my blog today. I call it longing.....

Frances said...

I'm loving how your photos work with your verse.

Leslie said...

A delight in image and words!

qualcosa di bello said...

maryann...you make me blush. thank you!

jp...thanks for the email update! ci vediamo la mese prossima!

renae...thank you too...how is your daddy???

andrea...no worries...i'm glad you enjoyed it. truly, your moon shot is so much more mystical (i don't know if it's user error or equipment!)

paula...hugs back to you!!

annie & frances...i was thinking a great deal about both of you when i wrote this...much love to you & yours!!!

karen eileen...i am off to see your blog...thank you for the visit!

sabine...thank you, my photo buddy!! (i miss our project, but am so busy right now :( )

britt-arnhild...i know what you mean!

leslie...but what i really want to see is more of your "hair" shots!!!