25 September 2008

postcards from home for Baby Girl...

dear Baby Girl,

autumn rolled in right on cue this week, something your tropical self probably isn't missing!we're hard pressed to get above 80 (it's almost wool sock weather for me!!)...& the wind!!! holy cow, it's incessant. Little Man is forecasting gale force stuff over the next few days based on the development of an off shore low pressure system .we'll see! i'm just trying not to get blown over...all that action in the atlantic makes for good things by the beach for surfers like your brother.he caught some serious rides on monday afternoon...i'm sure it's not quite the stuff from the pacific that you are privvy to, but it works for him.the school days are much like you would remember...Little Man is in the final battle between aeneas & turnus. Big Bro is on the cusp of the divine comedy (you know i can't wait for that again!). & i just finished my course...hitting the "send" button for that last paper was pure joy! i have exactly one week to indulge in some fiction (looking forward to this) before the next class begins.maybe i should re-read the secret life of bees in preparation for next month? speaking of books-into-movies, guess what comes to the big screen on friday...nights in rodanthe! you know how much we enjoyed watching them film on the beach. i'll let you know how it compares to the read.today's big news...it's back to the big city for my weekly italian classes!! the boys are marking time before next year's travel with their own italian lessons...with me at home (remember those days?).but i am getting rusty since july with verb tenses, & when i got the email informing of this year's classes, well, wild horses could not keep me away...well, maybe wild dogs! speaking of the canine species...you know your hounds are in mourning over your absence.it's really quite pathetic...they lie outside your bedroom door with the saddest of looks. (unless there is food to be had or a football to fetch)well, Baby Girl, it's really just ordinary time here & we wait expectantly for more tales from you, our intrepid traveler...tales of toucans & poison dart frogs & howler monkeys!

love your momma


- A - C - said...

A very pleasant post to read, and I like some of the photos very much.
The mixing of pictures and text gives a certain rhythm in the reading.

Annie said...

Baby Girl will yearn for home when she reads this and then go off to continue her adventures with a great smile.

Katie said...

Made me miss you guys a ton more than i already did. Love u.

SabineM said...

Lovely shots! Makes me miss you guys, and I don't really know you! ;-)

My birthday is April 25. Big Four Zero! ;-)) and soo deserves an amazing new camera!~ ;-))

Britt-Arnhild said...

Lovely photos.
I especially like the first one.

rochambeau said...

Hi to you and your baby girl!!
Seems like a nice postcard to me.
All looks good today in your world!
Sending happy thoughts!

nazzareno said...

Il piacere è tutto mio...
Complimenti, ciao.

Karen Cole said...

What a beautiful post. No wonder they are filming so many movies in your neck of the woods. They must be checking your blog and it's beauty and saying, "yeah, that's the place".

What did you end up doing with the squash blossom?

qualcosa di bello said...

andrea...that is a high compliment coming from a photographer such as yourself...thank you much!

annie...the best of both worlds for her (wings & roots!)

k-bug...love you too!!

sabine...YES it does!!! (the 40's are the best ;)

britt-arnhild...thank you

constance...i'm sending some your way to for that big move!!! {{HUGS}}

nazzareno...prego, adesso devo visistare il tuo blog

karen...it is beautiful here! that was not fiore di zucco...it was a hibiscus blossom. (had it been a fiore di zucco, i would have stuffed it breaded it & lightly fried it in olio d'ulivi!!