04 July 2008

life at the speed of summer...

...traveling no faster than a slow boatto the independence day fireworks (fuochi d'artificio!)...with a heartful of gratitude for all those who keep us free.after reading over my post for july 4th of last year, i am especially grateful that all who were overseas at that time (& a few who left afterwards) are now home safe & sound~~thank you all for your sacrifices! happy independence day!!!


Annie said...

Ah, Deb. That looks like so much fun being on/near the water and watching fireworks. We will be at our usual university event - always a good show.

Wicked H said...

Happy 4th one and all!

Anonymous said...


Oh, what a happy Fourth!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!
And happy 4th of July to you too, my friend!
bella x

somepinkflowers said...

fuochi d'artificio!

i come over here for fun
and photos
and find
i am learning italian, too.



i would much rather
be off to rome
{like someONE i know}
to do that.

thankful yours are home safe
from war
and so is mine.
{i feel like i can breath again}

hurray for celebrating the 4th
with those we love...

the teach said...

I agree that we should be so grateful for our soldiers' sacrifice. Thanks for commenting at my blog! :)