04 July 2007

Independence Day

Let freedom ring! Fly the flag, hug a Soldier, thank a Vet, and remember - between bites of your hot dog & apple pie - what it's all about!
BIG cyber hugs to our hero, Patrick, recently home from Iraq!!

Much love to our two favorite veterans...My father-in-law, W. & my daddy - i love you both!!
And...please, today, offer up a special prayer for some of our dear ones serving overseas...Anne, Brandon, Dan, & Frank. God bless all of you!Happy Independence Day everyone!!!
(First photo: Great Garrison Flag...other photos: my own)


somepinkflowers said...

saw you dedicated your fireworks
to your hero, patrick...

my hero, WL,
will be home from iraq in 11 days,
so you are ahead of me
in that joy!


PS-have been enjoying
your weather-son's enthusiasm...
should i keep him connected
if a hurricane comes through
my neighborhood? HA!

qualcosa di bello said...

SPF...yeah, if you want the weather scoop, Little Man will probably have it, unless you are actually at the Nat'l Hurricane Center! Check back if a storm's brewing!