08 April 2008

catching up (on awards)...& counting down...

many, many hugs to you for the prayers. our friend's memorial service was last night & it was a beautiful celebration of her life, washed in many tears & wrapped in many hugs. this part of life is for me the hardest & yet i still look toward it with awe. may she rest in peace & may her family find peace & much comfort in these days.
time for a pick-me-up here at piacere! jackie...do you see a trend? it takes me nearly a full month to graciously accept my awards! please tell The Fixer that this is my very favorite bloggy award ever~~...i only hope that i am able to live up to it! at the very least i'll try.
& finally...with each tick of the clock this week the excitement is building! D. is mostly just shaking his head at my high energy flurry of pre-trip activity. really it is a very good thing that we did spring cleaning during lent, or else i would be at it again. i tend to channel my uber-energy in to things like that...no closet or drawer is safe around me right now! is my backpack packed?? well, not quite but all its contents are obediently lined up & ready. D. has received his final laundry call for packing. my trip notes are organized. passports stand ready.

venezia e roma...here we come!!


Anonymous said...

ooh, I wish I were in your suitcase. :)
I will just have to settle for vicarious living.

Joy T. said...

Coming out of lurk mode to say I never know what to write when someone looses someone they know, but please know you are in my thoughts. And big congratulations on your award. Well deserved!

Karina said...

Congrats on the award. And OOOH how excited you must be for your trip. I'm excited because of all the stories and photos I know you'll bring back to share with us.

Lizamarie said...

Have a wonderful, amazing time!... and I am so glad you were there for B... and you captured it all in a way that only you could.. thank you!

bleeding espresso said...

What a lovely, well-deserved award! And you're welcome to come and tackle my closets anytime ;)

Joanne said...

I am delurking this month - have a wonderful trip. May I suggest two things while in Rome? For the best gelato EVER go to Giolitti - Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 (near parliament) and for some great spaghetti try L'Archetto - Via dell'archetto, 26 (near Trevi fountain).
Buon appetito!

qualcosa di bello said...

jennifer...actually it's a backpack & it's a tight fit!

joy...i am so glad you de-lurked to say hi! thank you for your condolences...hug mushu for me!

karina...i am truly so excited that i could jump out of my skin. hopefully you won't have to wait for posts...i am taking the laptop & camera along!

LM...B is a very special guy & his devotion to M is a shining example for all of us. you are welcome.

sognatrice...only if there is an espresso waiting at the end ;-)

joanne...oh thank you thank you thank you!!! i am always open to suggestions, especially about gelati! i have never been to either place. our usual gelato stop in roma is 2 palme, not far from fontana di treve.