04 March 2008

it's all good...

46. this is the number of years you've been on earth, D...half of them shared with me

47. the morning's waning crescent moon on the horizon just before the light of dawn48. healing bodies after various & sometimes scary moments

49. the healing balm of letting go of life's inevitable negatives

50. walking through the neighborhood to the exotic sounds of migrating birds after a winter of still, quiet woods51. rising in the middle of the night to feel a sea breeze tickle your face & to hear it carrying the mockingbird's song of midnight joy52. a fresh fluffy towel to dry off after a shower53. the wet-nosed nuzzle of your faithful friend

54. the sound of a friend's voice at the other end of the line

55. a moment of utter silence in an empty church

56. lovely doors that open to grand new adventures


Anonymous said...

...and now I've gone and tagged you too....but there is time, plenty of it, so don't be rushed!!

I too love the cool, wet nose of our faithful friend. What a wonderful picture! I couldn't contemplate emigrating without taking him too...he'll be a well-travelled dog.

bleeding espresso said...

So lovely as always. I can feel that towel wrapped around me :)

the mother of this lot said...

51 sounds lovely!

Karina said...

Beautiful and inspiring!

somepinkflowers said...

number 46 is so sweet...


{{{ i just had to tell you }}}

qualcosa di bello said...

bella! my tags/memes are all caught up now so i am cool with a new tag...i look forward to it :)

sognatrice...simple pleasures are the best!

jackie...oh it was! hard to go back to sleep too~ i could bask in that all night

karina...thanks a bunch!

spf...i love that guy!

Shan said...

I love taking Abby to choir practice just to spend time in a quiet and nearly empty church. Especially on a snowy winter's night. We almost had a night time winter wedding.

Andrea said...

Dearest Debbie--you are such a consistent blogger these days, Bravo. Where should I start? Thanks for including me in your catching up post!!!!. You are perhaps my most loyal reader--second only to my Mom! On this Greatest Gifts, I loved 55 and 56 especially. And the door photo as delicious as cherry pie. If only I could take photos like you do! Off to read your other blog suggestions, even if it takes me all day on this pokey puppy connection. Lookin forward! Much love, Andrea (Now in Iraq)

Elizabeth said...

Loved the pink door!
Came to your site via Constance.
Hope you post a door on Wednesday.