06 January 2008

winter cures

aside from the obvious antidotes of coffee (hot!) & chocolate, i am relishing the season's quiet...a quiet like no other time of the year...a quiet made even more beautiful by thin sunlight & candlelight. but what else??...there is the spirit of creativity that lives in a year's beginning...blank pages on the journal of life...open dates across the year of a calendar! what awaits is invigorating. what is the journey without the sharing?...i have found such joy in the delights of others too...
supermarket swooning...! & i thought the fresh market was special.(ok, the fresh market *is* special, but oh la la...)

babies!!...oh no! not me!...but leslie's sidebar has a countdown to the new addition that is mighty close to arriving...& we wait with her in expectant joy!

having the beach to yourself! (all the O people are visiting somepinkflowers!!)color...light...winter photography that makes you breathless...eb has posted her magic & i have decided to sit a spell with my coffee & enjoy!

a six course meal in trondheim norway... but if you can't make that journey, at least you can enjoy the lovely photos & delightful recipes via the blue cafe! or perhaps find a luscious place to eat in your own town...thinking about blogging every single day for 2008...some of my blog buddies are doing the real deal with words...me~~ i'm doing a photo diary for this year over at snap 366. i may not be able to get the post up on the actual day (some of our travels this year might not allow it), but i have promised myself to take a picture (or 2 or 20 or 200...) every single day. depending on my mood & the shots, one will be blogged for each day it was shot. this has given me a whole new appreciation for the world around me...i look for, i expect, i accept beauty with my eyes wide open for this year!


Karen Cole said...

Lovely, yet again.

I have visited them all. What a trip.

Just wanted to let you know....my son DID already know about the blending show. I wasn't surprised. If you want, I could find out what other "interesting" and non-child threatening sites he visits....so yours could wow his friends. It just goes to show...boys will always be boys.

somepinkflowers said...

you should have seen
all the 'O' people today
swimmin' in the sea...

they kept bumping into
the ice-chunks!


better them than me.

i did the hot chocolate
and reading thing myself
[ about italy! ]
as i am ~easing~ into 2008.

now i am off---->
to check out your snap 366!

Mad Kane said...

Lovely photos!

sognatrice said...

Brava for joining snap366! Can't wait to see your photos :)

I'm feeling energized myself with the new year starting--except regarding taking down the Christmas decorations. Oh how I hate to see them go :(

Karina said...

What a beautiful post this was! And thank you for the link-love. I will be off to visit everyone else you mentioned tonight, and look forward to your "snap366" photos.

You have quite the travel plans for the year, I'm envious (but in a good way).

Cre8Tiva said...

yes the O people are south...gotta love them...like i love your photos...can't wait to devour them all...blessings, rebecca

qualcosa di bello said...

karen...hahaha! i am not surprised he did. please do feel free to enlarge the scope of boyworld down here if your son has any other interesting sites! :)

spf...i'm with you & the hot beverage & the book! (esp. a book about italy!!!)

kane...thank you very much!!

sognatrice...we just took ours down yesterday & it is not my favorite activity. what is harder than that??? sending Baby Girl back to school for the long haul until our next visit. :(

karina...i will take you with me...at least on the cyber journey! what i would love to do is a blogger road trip to go see all the fab gal bloggers i've "met" & their wonderful locales.

rebecca...heheheh...you've got 'em too! with our current temp of 74, maybe they will spread out a bit, back up the coast!