04 January 2008

arctic blasts

wallowing in nearly 80 degree weather came to an abrupt end here by the bay as january schmanuary delivered a sensory jolt, a late Christmas present maybe?...a morning low temperature of 17. i am sure Little Man will let me know if i am in error here, but that's what the thermometer said! i had a split second of wishful thinking...did i transpose the numbers...was it really 71. a crack of the door to release hound patrol for morning business told me i had it right the first time...17. degrees. Fahrenheit. not Celsius.

what's a warm weather gal to do in times like these?

oh, i'll tell you! follow the wisdom of the hound patrol...

wrap yourself in fur...or at least something with the warming capabilities of fur~~ things like wool socks, flannel jammies, soft & thick bathrobes

find a good sunbeam & take a nap in it

lay down on the very softest thing by the fire

go outside (you need fresh air)...but hurry back inside!

find a good blankie & wrap yourself up

distractions are good...every once & awhile mosey into the kitchen for a bite to eat (yes, there is a fresh batch of Christmas cookies available for the next round of visitors!)

hang out with boyworld-on-vacation...their unique sense of adventure is always entertaining...

speaking of boyworld...how are they coping with the cold weather & Christmas break?? well, tonight as i made my goodnight-rounds, i found them enjoying this little gem...

will it blend: the garden hose edition

i could not believe my eyes! there are seemingly hundreds of videos of this science-type testing the blendability of just about anything you could imagine using a blendtec (new to me...i want one!) blender. after watching the blending of light bulbs, iPods (why???), magnets, & nutcrackers, i am left wondering if the boys will heed the scientific advice offered on each video..."do not try this at home." yeah, right. my poor, poor blender...may you be spared!

& with that, i bid you buona notte as i settle down for a long winter's nap (one likely plagued with dreams of things blended)!


sognatrice said...

Brrr...uncharacteristically cold here as well. And the pooches have all the secrets.

Hope you're keeping warm!

rochambeau said...

Dropping by to send you a warm New Years hug and hand you a colorful Bella Bouquet spreading all types of wonders like happiness, peace, love and health.

So happy we've met. May your soul continue to soar!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the idea of this...

'finding a sunbeam to take a nap in'!

I shall go in search of one right now. How wonderful!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

That was my first time seeing "will it blend" - oh my! Some people have way too much time on their hands!

Stay safe & warm. Peace and love, JP/deb

Karen Cole said...


Now you have me addicted to something new. "Will It Blend?". I've sent it off straight away to my son, Daniel, 27, who it sounds like, started out like yours. He was and still is interested in how EVERYTHING works. I'm sure he must know about this already though.

I wish you much warmth this winter season. Love your suggestions, too.

Anonymous said...

I love your doggie cold weather tips!

qualcosa di bello said...

sognatrice...we're seemingly out of the arctic slump & on to more agreeable stuff for now!

constance...e stato un vero piacere anche!!

bella...a perfect sunday feat!

deb...it is one of those things that leave you shaking your head in wonder...as in i wonder how they get such ideas!

karen...a tool of amusement for boys of *all* ages...trust me! let me know what he thinks!

maryann...the dogs just have all the answers, don't they!?!