17 January 2008


11. solitude...
it's 4:30 pm...D. is still working. boyworld has moved out into the neighborhood for those last moments of daylight.

i am alone. (well, mostly...hound patrol is sleeping at my feet!)

looking around i see a million things i 'should' do...i even start to do some of them. not so good.

can't i see...12. the sun sifting through the clouds in the west after a day of steady, soaking, much-needed rain13. the water droplets sparkling like jewels from every branch & leaf14. the mist caressing the perfectly still water on the bayenough.
i grab the camera...write some words...light a candle...read some lines

breathe deeply of the peaceful solitude...st. anthony was lead into the desert to live 18 years of solitude...may i be so wise as to relish today's gift of 18 minutes of my own calling for solitude.


Anonymous said...

There is such beauty to be found in solitude, thank you for showing us.

Your pictures blow me away every time, your words speak so eloquantly to me. This reminds me of the importance of a peaceful mind. Beautiful.

rochambeau said...

What a perfect morning with your beautiful thoughts and surroundings! I too am a fan of solitude!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Relishing solitude ... that is something I try to make time for at least once a day. Even a few moments are precious. Enjoy that gift you give to yourself! Peace & blessings, JP/deb

qualcosa di bello said...

bella...i'm trying for that "peaceful mind" thing everyday...solitude is one of the biggies for attaining that for me.

constance...& a perfect evening, reading your kind words & those of others who visit!

janepoe...(i just love your screen name!!)...that's so true!!! i'll take a few over none anyday!