17 November 2007


30 days of thanks & travel...
don't you love serendipitous moments?? this morning i was searching for a slip of paper that i knew to be tucked in one of my venezia travel books. i am certain that i flipped through the book that contained it no less that 4 times...& no paper. on the fifth attempt i took a deep breath, sat down, collected my patience, & gently paged through the book. what did i find that i did not see in the previous 4 increasingly impatient attempts?3 forgotten postcards from Harry's Bar that i had been meaning to frame for 2 1/2 years...they are the *perfect* hues for one of my walls (did not exist 2 1/2 years ago!) & today they will be framed & hung.

the sweet little picture business card from Ristorante da Carletto...this is *the* ristorante from night #4 of my "best 5 nights" post last month. would you believe, i had no idea that i had that card & on our april trip to venezia, i was hoping that we would somehow be able to find our magical place again. but...anyone who has been to that enchanting city can tell you just how easy it is to get lost & how hard obscure little places can be to find.writing...yes, i found some of my venetian words!

bellini @ harrys

peach bubbles of delight
glances of light
do you see?
in a place of fame & flood
am i truly here?
shy & casual
trying to comprehend
a city of magic
turn of corner
tucked away
a surprise to sip
to contemplate

so venezia. so cliche. but so much fun!
& yes, i did find the paper i was searching for! raise a glass to serendipity...cin, cin!

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