14 September 2007

what a week...

you know you have had one of "those" weeks when you sit down with your coffee on a friday morning & catch yourself thinking that a particular event happened a week or two ago...but when the coffee hits your system, you realize that it actually happened just two *days* ago!


as i look over the morning's math crowd, i notice it seems to have hit them too. the boys have a certain "glazed" look about them...grading math should be interesting this morning :)

i am very proud of the guys...they have managed to keep on top of, & in some cases, even ahead of their week's work. no chores suffered. teamwork prevailed. way to go guys!!

the BIG kudos this week go to Big Bro...he not only completed the final part of his drivers ed class (ie., on-the-road time), he went to the DMV & passed his test. for the first time last evening, he drove *himself* to work (with D. at his side, of course). you should see his permit photo...i only wish mine would look half as good!

a side note about Big Bro's week...to obtain his certificate that enabled him to test for his permit, for the past week that boy had to get up at ***5 AM*** every morning since last thursday to meet his driving instructor & complete his hours. i heard not one word of complaint from him, even when he worked late at the restaurant the nights before.

K-Bug...the good: she started her new job this week, doing that thing college students do so well - waiting tables. the not so good: we have hardly seen her! she is on orientation after her classes, so she leaves early & arrives home late. i am feeling the effects of the scales of life tipped in favor of testosterone in my home now that my girls are out in the adult world. some days i miss that balance! girls night out is on hold for a bit...:(

Little Man is still smiling from his weekend interview, but he is definitely not resting on his laurels...there are more storms to be tracked...Ingrid is dilly-dallying around in the atlantic. before bookwork began, our weather geek had perused his scientific data maps & the Hurricane Hunters' flight data (they are still out there investigating Ingrid as i type this). the jury is still out for us on this one, but Little Man is on top of it!

looking back...2 years ago today we were hunkered down in our boarded-up home doing school by candlelight listening to the wind HOWL & the sounds of our shingles being ripped off the roof as Hurricane Ophelia gave us her best. i will say that i much prefer the gentle, beautiful morning i am having today! (Little Man promised to dig up one of the photos for me later...they are not on my computer.)

other fun...Baby Girl is deep into classes (excellent job on your physics exam - woo hoo!!), her work both on & off campus, & her cool buddies! we can't wait to visit you!

& i just submitted my final paper for a modern art history class (not my favorite period of art history, let me tell you, but educational nonetheless). i am also gearing up for our fall italian language group to meet - i am a bit rusty around the grammatical edges right now! i would much prefer studying my italian in the manner of shelley, judith & sognatrice...in due season, i say!

& now before the first lessons for grading roll in, i am off to check some of my blog buddies...i have missed my usual visits!

can't wait to read the continuing saga of Bri's friday snippets - i'm hooked!

& speaking of stories...the pioneer woman has her own little saga going on & i can't wait to catch up!

then i am off to see Lissa's photos...always beautiful!

i must catch up on my what's cooking wednesday buddies...time for some menu planning - which will include our abundant local foods this week...

speaking of catch-up...i must get over to our newest she who blogs member mariacristina & take a whirl around her blog. i quick glance a few days ago was certainly not enough...welcome to our group!!

& our she who blogs blog has a new post with a very happy face...sarah's boy looks so happy!

to get my french fix...i'm taking some coffee with Corey!

& for my art enjoyment today, i will drop in on eb (the bloglandia ball is coming up soon - are YOU ready??)

art again...i leave you today with one of my favorite finds from my just-finished class...a work that i had never seen before nor would have expected to be a Salvador Dali...Naples, 1949, courtesy of Salvador Dali Art Gallery


sognatrice said...

Phew, lady! I'm tired just reading all that! Woohoo for the language group though ;)

Karina said...

Wow, you have had quite the busy week huh? Congrats to your oldest on his driving permit!

Judith in Umbria said...

I'm exhausted from reading it.

Judith in Umbria said...

Hey! Sogna, let's comment only in Italian. We'd be HELPING.

Shan said...

And I thought I was busy!!

qualcosa di bello said...

sognatrice...i am so excited to get back in the groove. we only meet fall/spring, so i really miss it in the summer. i am gearing up for our trip in april!!

karina...i'm not sure if this is good or bad...but in time, it will relieve some of the parental road trips :)

judith...that is why i am coming to you...for a break from all the crazies :) fire away with the italian, but i'm making no promises on my replies for now!!

shan...oh, you are busy!!! just remember though, it only gets busier as they get older! (Ps. WCW helps me so much with my menu ideas!)

Bri said...

Glad you're enjoying Friday Snippets - sounds like you're going strong! :) I'm also impressed that your guys are so far ahead of their homework - I try to keep that up at school. But...usually, I just procrastinate and read one of the cool books a friend has left in our room.

Christine said...

Thanks for mentioning me in your post! Your kids sound great - very dependable. I have two teenage sons myself, no daughters. Lots of maleness. I get the idea you thrive on the people in your life, and the closeness. Wonderful!