09 September 2007

much needed rain...

Little Man spent the night monitoring Gabrielle, camped out with his computers (his, plus he hijacked his dad's!) & the Weather Channel on. his dedication to the science of meteorology is, quite frankly, amazing. i wonder if i had this type of passion about anything at his age...but i digress.
most of the night (according to Little Man's weather station) we had wind speeds just below 10 mph & some rain. current conditions...wind out of the north with speed 11 mph with gusts to 20 mph, 1/2 inch of rain total since last night, and the barometric pressure has dropped .27 inches in the last 20 hours. check out a live look with weathercam!
& now Little Man & his crew are heading over to the beach for more reports!


Andrea said...

I'm praying for your continued safety and I just had to comment on your son's passion at such a young age. I believe, to find this at ANY age can be a struggle and a feat. Sometimes the hardest thing! Bravo for him!

qualcosa di bello said...

thank you andrea!! yes, that guy does have some serious passion & i am so happy to watch him live it!!