15 August 2007


today is one of the major feasts on our Church calendar - the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus - a feast day celebrated, according to historical documents, before the year 500 AD.

before Mass at noon i was pondering just why i was there at that very moment, stepping out of my ordinary life & into the quiet, stained-glassed hush that i tend to drink in like a perfect glass of ice water on the hottest day.

be still.

gladly. oh so gladly.

i let my mind wander over the concept of being the Mother of Jesus - what is known of her life. this young girl, a teen, was in the midst of her everyday life when she was told that she would become, literally, the Mother of God. she was humble & accepting. she was trusting.

during her own pregnancy, one that was no doubt fraught with concerns given its beginnings, she "made haste" to a cousin in need in a distant town where she stayed to help for 3 months. she was kind & charitable, even in the midst of her own concerns.

nearing the end of her pregnancy the law required a journey with her spouse, Joseph, from her own home to another town for a census. who would want to travel when the nesting urges at the end of pregnancy are so very strong? yet she was obedient.

in the midst of the journey no typical lodging was available to her & Joseph, and so her birthing was in a manger. far from perfect. but she was willing to do what she must do.

shepherds heard the news of the birth of Jesus; excitedly (& likely with no thought to how a new mother must feel) they made their way to this Baby. likewise, the astrologer kings also sought to pay homage to the Christ. Mary was hospitable.

she "treasured these things & pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:19) she took these events as they came. she did not seek out more. she did not turn away from what was hers. she was grateful & meditative.

she followed the religious customs of her time & people, presenting her Baby in the Temple at the appointed time. she was faithful.

she fled into a foreign land when her Baby Boy's life was threatened by a jealous king, to keep him safe. she was courageous in the face of adversity.

she searched for her Son for 3 whole days in a pilgrimage caravan & did not lose her cool when she & Joseph finally found him in the Temple. she merely stated the concern to her nearly-teenage Boy.

and she continued to ponder.

she stood by the side of her Son, popular or not in his words of love & peace. she did not prop him up. she did not push for publicity. she was quietly supportive. she had perspective.

she stood by the side of her Son at his cruel execution. right up to the end. she received his lifeless body into her arms.

she was present for those who mourned, though she herself no doubt was deeply pierced.

and so today i considered how this humble, faithful woman quietly followed her path of life - not a path of glamour or popularity. not a path of perfectly coiffed beauty. but rather a path paved in stones of a deep & humble love, graceful & kind service to those around her. a path that started with a simple "yes"...an example to me in my own motherhood, quietly, humbly & with love - to just say "yes" with gratitude & joy.


Farfallina - Roam 2 Rome said...

Semplicemente bello!

I'm speechless, wow :) in my family's little town we have over 4 million pilgrims come visit Our Lady each year.

You summarized Her life and grace so nicely...

It must be a gift to be a mother, and I hope I'll be one some day :)


qualcosa di bello said...

farfallina...thank you! yes, i believe my motherhood is a tremendous gift & i treasure it every single day. i love the example Mary provides me