16 August 2007

creo in teo...

that's right! teodoro, of course we still believe in you, just like back in the day...do you remember...

when you had to sit on top of the kindergarten cabinet (& i had to watch from the "house")
when you were my only witness to the great gerbil tail debacle in 2nd grade

when we had recess chalkboard duty in 4th grade that had the pleasant side effect of allowing us to terrorize daniel

band practices during the HOTTEST days of august (did we *really* throw down the instruments in protest one night??), the endless frustrations with "bird legs," never-ending jokes about the "penguin," spanish classes with exam results that included secret korean codes on the matching answers a la "carrot head," ZAPPERS that chemistry-proofed us for life, I WANT MY MTV!! (& only YOU had it!), biology teachers that could actually bench-press frustrating sophomores!!!, Granny Grey & her CB radio (breaker, breaker!), the Great Grey Machine (seats 9 in a pinch! jumps railroad tracks until the universal joint breaks!), coasting from the top of Peter's Mountain to the winning mailbox, pulling Curtis's sorry self back inside the window at the red light of danger while trying to control 6 other unruly underclassmen, classes at HACC that occasionally included an ER visit, after-prom parties that did *NOT* involve police raids (& we didn't even need road signs or public service announcements!), gassing up at 4 am at your dad's pump so we could go to the beach post-graduation!!!

(did i forget anything??)

weddings, test tube shots (pretty, pretty colors!), babies, & a beach houseful of fun with W.'s guitar & a boat!!!???

well, i sure do remember!!! & i also remember just what today is...

Happy Birthday to you, you crazy fool - my friend since age 5!!!!! Now go mix some chemicals (try very, very hard not to blow up your lab!) & have a great day...!


Frances said...

What a sweet post.
And the picture - priceless!
Thanks for sharing,

Callista said...

Cute dog!!

qualcosa di bello said...

frances...thank you - teo is a special friend. glad you like phil's props for teo - a bit humiliating but worth it!

callista - he's a rare one!

Teo said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes, and right back at you! We just finished a week in the Virginia Shenandoah mountains at the Massanutten Resort - no better way to celebrate than being with my family having fun!

Wow - did we really do all those crazy things??!! I remember all of them! And don't forget the fun red-light incident in front of the Burger King in Camp Hill (was it a Toyota Corolla?) - do you even remember what you said to the girl that hit us???!!! OMG!! She is probably still in therapy!!