16 July 2007

when your child starts a blog...

well, now don't you know that children will watch their parents' behavior & no matter what said parents *tell* them to do, they are still oh-so-much more likely to follow the actions rather than the words!

i've warned her that blogging will *consume* your creative mind... it undams a reservoir in the brain & suddenly the family camera is hidden in a place only *you* know about for instant access, or in use constantly. the desk, the tables, heck, all flat surfaces within reach are covered with post-it notes of ideas & random phrases. you start 'net surfing & through the miracle of some Star Trek phenomenon, 2 hours have passed in 2 minutes.

sounds downright scary, but actually for me, i am enjoying the way i've begun to look at things! now, if i could just perfect the "time management" aspect of blogging, i may just reach *net nirvana*!!

so, back to the bloggin child...K-Bug has been ignoring all my warnings, watching me have a blast & decided to plunge into this creative ocean for a swim... WOO HOO!!

she has only just begun (sorry Karen Carpenter!), but watch out! this girl is quite a writer/photographer!


Frances said...

Gotta get this out to the group - we have a second generation blogger in the house!

Joy T. said...

I was just over and visited her blog. She seems like a real sweetheart! So cool to have second generation bloggers.

qualcosa di bello said...

thanks ladies! K-Bug is an awesome specimen of young womanhood! She does a momma proud :)

JennieBoo said...

I hope she has as much fun as I have being a "blogger".

Kudos to K-Bug!