16 July 2007

my internet trail...

today i bring you Lazy Links...a feature i have decided to provide when i am, quite frankly, in the lazy mode, blogging-wise. (generally, this means in Real Life, i am anything but lazy!)...so here we go...

have you ever wondered what path God wants you to follow? Jen explores this in an edifying post.

because i like Latin & because i like jokes...drop in on Julie for a very good *mix* of both (yes, pun intended!).

if you're feeling philosophical (in an equine sort of way) & like to look at beautiful photos, go on over and contemplate what the Pioneer Woman has to say.

did you ever wonder what it would be like to live on a sailboat? if so, you need to check out Jennifer's blog.

hungry? time to take a cruise around the home of What's Cooking Wednesday & say hi to Shan!

hungry but don't feel like cooking...pay the Waiter a visit - he's serving up laughs!

where in the world are you?? where am i?? travel the world on a cyber map...can YOU name all the countries in Africa? and their capitals?? (Caution...Bragging Mom Moment ahead...Little Man did this last year for his geography test!!)

and a little something of beauty to send your off on your cyber-surfing way...500 years of women in art in less than 3 minutes (really) via YouTube - enjoy!!

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