22 June 2007

Edwin, Larry & Craig

it was fantastic...lots of stories, some songs i have not heard in a few years, over all too soon! the only disappointment: Pete, Pete & Manny were not there. oh, well, there's always MB-HOB!! (see ya in july!)

J. i'm trying to remember the set list. when i asked larry about it during the sound check, he said "whatever Edwin wants!" and that is how they rolled!
...this is certainly not in order & probably not comprehensive, but here ya go...

Darwin's Children (didn't need to call D. this time!)
See Off This Mountain (best tellin' of this story i've heard to date - see quote below!)
One Thing (my pre-show request of Craig - ain't he sweet!)
Shooting Stars (i called you!!!!!)
Beautiful Life (if I had DM's number, i would have called)
Go Be Young (of course I called BIG BUG for this one!)
I'll Be
I Could Not Ask For More
Sign on the Door (best Edwin photo op song of all time, see below!)
Gramercy Park Hotel
Lost in America
I've Seen a Love - during which he lead into No Woman, No Cry - AWESOME!

Encore...only one, but what a one it was...

Patty Griffin's Mad Mission
all i have to say about that is "sign me up!!!!!"

larry & edwin...
craig... edwin on fire!... in the spinning of yarns last night, edwin told a very funny story (some of y'all have heard this one before) that involved his grandma, a bouncer, a concert, and a beer. he left us with some very sage advice:
"Mess with granny's suds and yer gonna be walking with a limp!"

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